Top 20 Ways to make money Online in Nigeria

Top 20 Ways to make money Online in Nigeria

If you are looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria, this page will be updated on a regular basis with the top ways to make money online in Nigeria. If you want to supplement your income or make a financial breakthrough, making money on the internet is an excellent option.

Top 20 Ways to make money Online in Nigeria (2022)

There are numerous reasons why you should consider earning a living online. You can earn extra money as a student to help you care for yourself while you’re at school. If you’re looking for work, you can start your own online business. If you want to get rich, you can do so using the internet.. The possibilities are limitless.


Ways to make money online in Nigeria

Here are the best ways to make money online in Nigeria:


1. Blogging

Blogging Stock Photos, Royalty Free Blogging Images | Depositphotos

Blogging is still the most popular way to make money online in Nigeria. This is Nigeria’s best and hottest online business, and anyone can do it.

Blogging is all about sharing knowledge. It could be about anything at all. Everything from news to politics to sports to animals to jokes to local stories. A blog can be about anything.

You get traffic to your blog once you start one. Then you can monetize your blog with Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and other methods.

The wonderful thing about blogging is that you can make money while you sleep if you work hard and build your blog. When you wake up, there will be money in your AdSense account. Your blog is earning money even while you are playing, traveling, or eating.

It has the potential to make you wealthy. It has the potential to make you a millionaire. The challenge is in doing things correctly and growing your audience. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


2. Affiliate marketing

6 Reasons to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program for Your Small Business  (+ How to Do It)

This is a very dependable method of earning money online. This is something you should think about if you are good at marketing or selling. If you have a lot of charisma and are good at conversation, you should seriously consider affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is all about recommending products to people online and earning a commission if they buy through you. It really is that simple. All you have to do is find and join an affiliate network. Then choose which products to promote. You can publicize them on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform or blog.

Assume you’re promoting a product worth N10,000 with a 20% commission. You now have approximately 5000 Facebook friends, 5000 Twitter friends, 5000 Instagram friends, and some via your blog, WhatsApp, and other social media networks. 

You promote the product to them, and approximately 2000 of them buy through your link. This means that your total sales will be N10,000 X 2000 = N20,000,000. And your 20% commission will be N4 million!

The truth is that many people nowadays buy products online. You can tap into it and earn money through affiliate marketing. Commission Junction, Impact Radius, Linkshare, Jumia Affiliate, and Konga Affiliate are the most popular affiliate networks.

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a profitable online business in Nigeria.

Nigerian Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Here is a list of websites where Nigerians can make money; 

Expertnaire Affiliate Program

Jumia Affiliate Program

Shopify Affiliate Program


Konga Affiliate Program




Amazon Affiliate Program


Payporte Affiliate Marketing Program




Luno Affiliate Program



3. YouTube Videos

How Do People Make Money on YouTube?

Have you ever considered becoming a YouTube celebrity? Micro-celebrities like Ryan Kaji, 10, make more than $29 million per year selling toys on YouTube. David Dobrik is another top YouTube earner, earning approximately $15.5 million by entertaining his audience with amusing videos.

Create a YouTube channel focused on a specific topic. This will help you build a loyal audience that returns to your channel on a regular basis, giving you more opportunities to make money online. 

You could provide tutorials, product reviews, and celebrity news—whatever you believe will keep your audience interested.

The key to a successful YouTube channel is to use your content to entertain or educate your viewers. You can earn money by running YouTube ads on your channel once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers. To make money on YouTube, you can offer paid product placement to major brands, sell products, or become an affiliate.

What to know:

  • With the right niche, you can build a high-paying YouTube channel.
  • The key to a successful YouTube channel is to provide content that is both entertaining and educational.
  • You can make money as an affiliate by using your channel.
  • To earn money, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers.


  • A method for recording video and audio, as well as a method for editing your video.
  • Creators between the ages of 13 and 17 require parental consent to launch a YouTube channel.
  • More information can be found at: How to Make Money on YouTube.


4. Use Binance to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Take a look at the Most Popular Crypto Exchanges! - Info News Hub

Binance is an online trading platform that has simplified Bitcoin trading. It is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin is now one of the most profitable businesses on the planet. Bitcoin is being accepted by an increasing number of countries.

The fantastic news is that it is never too late to start investing in bitcoin. Even if you’ve never traded before, you can join the $94 billion Bitcoin market today. All you need to do is sign up for Binance. They make bitcoin trading simple and safe.


5. Begin freelancing

How to Start a Freelancing Business While Working Full-Time in 2020 |  Namfreelancer

Offering freelance services to clients online is a growing home business idea. Freelance writing, graphic design, data entry, digital marketing—virtually any role that an online business would hire for can be done as a freelance service. 

I’ve spent years at Shopify working with writers, illustrators, and designers, the majority of whom make a full-time living from freelancing rather than doing it part-time.

Almost all of these services are better suited to business clients for the same reason that business software is a desirable product: business clients have money to spend. 

Most freelancers quickly discover that when they position their work as outcomes rather than deliverables, they have more negotiating power over the price they can charge.

To put it another way, businesses hire freelance writers to create content that drives traffic and leads, not to hone their writing skills. Sell the outcome to clients and back it up with customer evidence, such as case studies and testimonials, if possible.

Last but not least, these businesses are a direct exchange of time for money. You can make good money with a small number of high-paying clients, but the cash flow stops the moment you stop working. You might be able to grow a freelance business into more of an agency by hiring help to handle some client work.

What You Should Know:

  1. Collect customer evidence cases, studies, and testimonials to aid in your job search.
  2. Because freelancing is a direct money-for-time exchange, you may want to eventually expand your business model to include a standalone asset.
  3. Sell your clients on the outcome you can provide, then demonstrate it.
  4. Recognize your own worth. You have the ability to set your own prices.


  • Ability to communicate with clients while meeting deadlines
  • An internet connection and a laptop are required.
  • Working on freelance marketplaces requires you to be at least 18 years old.
  • Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Guru are the most popular freelance websites.


6. Begin your online banking with V

V Bank App Review - All You Need to Know - Owogram

You can start an online bank with your mobile phone today and earn money by recruiting customers. You don’t need a license or any other documents to get started; all you need is your smartphone! The procedure is easy to follow. You can do this with the V app. VFD Microfinance Bank, one of Nigeria’s largest microfinance banks, owns the app. The Central Bank of Nigeria regulates them.

V banking app

Click on more, then click on start your bank Once approved, sign in to your agent account. You will see the referral code. Copy it. Then start using it to refer to your friends.  The more friends you have, the more money you earn.

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store. You can get the app from the Google Play store here or the App store here. Install after you’ve finished downloading. Remember to enter your referral code 4PEYE. Complete your registration by filling out the form.

You’ll now have a bank account. It is recommended that you invest money in the app, even if it is only N2000. N2000 turns your account active. The app allows you to pay bills, buy airtime, transfer money, make cashless withdrawals, and do other things.

Now, on the app, click More at the bottom of the screen, followed by Start Your Bank. It will launch a browser, prompt you to fill out a form, and then wait. It could take a day for your application to be approved. Once approved, you will be able to launch your bank!

You can earn up to N30,000 per month by referring up to 30 friends with a combined balance of up to N500,000! You will earn N50,000 per month if you refer 75 friends with a total balance of N2 million.

You will earn N100,000 per month for every 100 friends with a combined balance of N5 million. You will earn N150, 000 per month if you can refer 250 friends with a combined balance of N7.5 million. 

You will now earn N500,000 per month if you refer up to 1000 people with a combined balance of N25,000,000. Finally, if you can refer up to 2000 friends with a total balance of N100 million, you will earn N1 million each month.

Begin now, and remember to use the referral code 4PEYE.

It will be advantageous if you use the app to both save and make payments.

For more information, see V bank: How to Use, Invest, and Make Money (V by VFD)


7. ySense (ClixSense)

Have you ever taken an online survey? Where do you get paid to express your thoughts on issues by answering questions? That is exactly what ySense does, and more. On ySense, you can get paid to take online surveys, complete small tasks, play games, and more. You are also compensated for referring people.

ySense is one of the few survey websites that pays Nigerians without hesitation. I made a few dollars there by taking a few surveys. I have the money! There is no story. They pay up to $1.50 per survey; it could be less or more, but that is the average when you receive a survey invitation. The great thing about ySense is that you can earn money even when there is no survey.

How to make money with ySense (ClixSense) -

We recommend ySense over all other survey and task websites because they pay. Nigerians are welcome. To make good money, you must log in on a regular basis to take surveys and complete tasks. Also, share your link with your friends and invite them to join.

Click here to join ySense and start earning money.

More information about ySense can be found here: How to Make Money with ySense.

Consider this if you are looking for ways to make money online in Nigeria as a student or in your spare time.


8. eCommerce Business

How to Build an E-Commerce Business From Scratch -

eCommerce is a business that has the potential to make you a billionaire. Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, is involved in the eCommerce business. I’m sure you’ve heard of Amazon, which he owns.

eCommerce is the online purchase and sale of goods. You can set up your own online store and sell products. You might be the next richest person in town.

If you don’t have the funds to build a warehouse and store products, you can still run this business without them. Dropshipping is a type of marketing. All you need to do is set up an online store. 

Copy inventories for the world’s leading manufacturers. When someone purchases from your online store, their information is forwarded to the manufacturer or supplier, who ships the goods to the buyer, collects the money, and you keep your percentage. You don’t do anything!

You can learn how to make an online store with Shopify here: How to Make an Online Store Quickly.


9. Marketing on social media

Social Media Marketing (SMS): What It Is, How It Works, Pros and Cons

Social media marketing is all about assisting businesses, individuals, and organizations in finding their social media audience. The truth is that the majority of Nigerians now spend their time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This has created new opportunities for businesses to reach out to customers and increase sales.

To be a successful social media marketer, you must first understand your target social media platform’s algorithm and how you can use it to convert businesses or individuals.

Social media marketing will continue to shine as one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria as more businesses embrace the internet.

To learn more about social media marketing, click here: How to Make a Living as a Social Media Marketer

To make money on Facebook: How to make money on Facebook

Twitter Earnings: How to Make Money on Twitter

To make money on Instagram, follow these steps:

Using social media platforms to make money online in Nigeria is a great idea because we all spend the majority of our time there!


10. Website Design (Frontend, Backend & Full Stack)

A website developer is someone who creates internet-based websites. Every website you visit is built by a web developer. These are the individuals who construct a website using a programming language.

A website developer can focus on the frontend, backend, or full-stack. Every business and institution, as you know, now requires a functional website. Making money by creating responsive websites for individuals and businesses is possible.

It will take you approximately three (3) months to learn web development. Following that, you could look for work online or offline.

You can become a website developer by enrolling in a training center near you. You could also learn by taking online tutorials.


11. Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin plunges 11% in a single day | Marca

Cryptocurrency is still growing in popularity. Many other Cryptocurrencies have emerged since Bitcoin first appeared on the scene. Many businesses are gradually accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Some believe it will eventually replace our current currency. Whether that is true or not, you should think about investing in and profiting from cryptocurrency.

All you need to do is research and understand the market. Buy when the price is low, and sell when the price is high. There are numerous ways to profit from cryptocurrency.

In the coming years, cryptocurrency will remain an excellent way to make money online in Nigeria.


12. Make an online course.

Online Learning: Choosing The Right Program As An Employer Or Student

Our list of the top ways to make money online in Nigeria includes an online course. This is due to one factor: it has the potential to make anyone wealthy, but it requires a significant amount of effort.

Online courses teach people how to make money online by teaching them skills and strategies. Assume you are skilled in graphic design, web development, business management, and other areas. You can create a course and teach it to students all over the world. These are the people who will buy your system.

Every day, millions of people all over the world are learning online. The internet is currently the most popular classroom. You can cash in on it and profit.

There are numerous platforms that make online teaching simple. Platforms such as Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare, and others.

More information can be found at: How to Make Money Creating and Selling Online Courses.


13. Forex and binary options trading

Forex is all about exchanging currencies. You can make a lot of money trading forex. Forex will continue to be a significant source of income as long as the world does not use a single currency.

Binary options trading is similar to forex trading but much simpler. You can basically predict whether the price of a particular currency or commodity will rise or fall. And you profit from it.

You can easily trade forex and binary options using a platform like Deriv. Sign up by clicking here.


14. Sell on Konga

How To Register and Start Selling on Jumia Immediately ▷ Techorganism

You can earn money selling on from the comfort of your own home. Konga is one of Nigeria’s largest online stores, with millions of users each month.

You can take advantage of this large platform. Make an account with them. Find trending products, list them on Konga, and sell them. When someone orders a product, you hire logistics companies to deliver it. Allow Konga to handle delivery for you while you earn money.

You don’t need a warehouse to sell. Just have products! More information can be found at:

How to Begin Selling on Konga


15. Sell on Jumia

How To Sell On Jumia Nigeria - Dignited

Jumia is another popular online shopping platform in Nigeria. The website is one of the most popular in Nigeria. Visitors to the website are looking to purchase various items. Electronics, phones, clothing, household items, books, and other items are available.

You can sell them by opening a store with them. Find a product and list it on the website. You deliver and get paid after people buy. The good news is that you can do this from home. You don’t need a physical store to sell online. More information is available here: How do I begin selling on Jumia?


16. E-book Distribution

Ebook Distribution Dos and Don'ts – Book Cave

The internet has made a dent in the world of traditional publishing. E-readers are very popular these days. E-books account for roughly 20% of all book sales in the United States. The good news is that you don’t have to be a wealthy publisher to participate. You can sell ebooks directly from your own website as a solo internet entrepreneur. 

You can sell your own work or a work in the public domain. Simply upload it to your website (or Amazon seller account) and begin publicizing it on your social media platforms, email list, blog, website, and so on.


17. WinApay

WinApay Review 2020: Warning!!! Don't Invest Yet, Read This First

WinApay is a novel way to earn money online in Nigeria. You are compensated for answering questions! If you are well-versed in a variety of subjects such as politics, sports, fashion, health, and so on. You can answer ten simple questions and win N2000 to N5000 for each round you play.

You can use this to make your days more productive and profitable. However, if you want to make a lot of money with WinApay, you should think about becoming an Affiliate. 

As a WinApay Affiliate, you will be paid N1000 for each person you refer to WinApay. Assume you refer 1000 people to WinApay every month. That’s 1000 X 1000 = N1 million! You’ve made a million dollars in a month.

However, you must pay N1500 to activate your affiliate account. Your earnings are deposited directly into your bank account, from which you can withdraw them at any time.

By clicking here, you can sign up for WinApay and earn money answering questions or as an affiliate.

More information about WinApay can be found here: How to Make Money on WinApay and How It Works

If you’re wondering how to make naira online, this is a good option.


18. Learn UI/UX Design

Learn UI/UX in 10 minutes INFOGRAPHICS

The term UI refers to the user interface. UX refers to the user’s experience. UI/UX design is the art of creating software and apps with excellent user experiences and interfaces. UI designers study how users interact with various types of software.

A UI designer’s job is to make a platform simple to use. For example, UI/UX designers create a 

UI/UX design is a profitable skill. It is now regarded as one of the top digital skills in the world for earning money online.

To become a UI/UX designer, you must first learn a programming language, such as JavaScript. Knowledge of HTML and PHP is a plus.

The following is a list of websites where you can learn about user interface and experience design.




UX Academy.

Interaction Design Foundation.





19. Ethical Hacking

Job Role: Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker is someone who finds flaws in an application system. Ethical hacking is legal and one of the best ways for a Nigerian to make money online. A cyber security expert ensures that no vulnerabilities exist in a system in order to prevent a cyber attack.

Ethical hackers examine a system for vulnerabilities in order to prevent cyber hackers from gaining access. To detect vulnerabilities in a network system, they think like a hacker.

Ethical hacking is divided into six (6) stages.


How to Become an Ethical Hacker

To become an ethical hacker, you must first acquire the following skills:

Understanding of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and others.

Programming Language Training

Understand security laws.

Ethical hacking can be learned on YouTube and other online platforms.



Making money online is more enjoyable and convenient than traditional office jobs. However, it is fraught with difficulties, as is everything we do on this planet. All of the points I mentioned above are legitimate ways to make money online. 

I’ve tried a few of them, and the money is genuine. And I know one or two people involved in either of these businesses, and their testimonies are also credible.

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