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MacKenzie Scott’s Net Worth

What is MacKenzie Scott’s net worth? MacKenzie Scott, formerly MacKenzie Bezos, is a novelist, philanthropist, and activist from the United States. MacKenzie Scott’s net worth as of this writing is $57 billion. Her fortune would be much larger, but she gave $6 billion to charity in 2020 alone. She intends to give away the vast majority of her fortune during her lifetime and has already given more than $12 billion to hundreds of charities around the world as of this writing. More on her philanthropy is provided later in this article.

MacKenzie will become the world’s richest woman for the first time on July 13, 2020, when Amazon’s share price exceeds $3,300. She did not keep the title for the entire day. By the end of the trading day, Amazon had dropped several percentage points, handing the crown back to Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers.

Several months later, MacKenzie began donating billions of dollars to charity, making it much more difficult for her to retain her position as the world’s richest woman. From 1993 to 2019, she was the wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Jeff and MacKenzie are the parents of four children. Jeff has been a billionaire for over two decades and the world’s richest person since 2018.

MacKenzie Bezos Unloaded About $350 Million Worth Of Her Amazon Shares

Short biography of MacKenzie Scott:

On April 7, 1970, MacKenzie Scott was born in San Francisco, California. She attended the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut before graduating from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in English in 1992. Toni Morrison, a well-known author, taught her and hired her as an assistant.

In 1992, Scott began working as a research associate at D.E. Shaw in New York. She met Jeff Bezos there, and the two married in 1993. The following year, they relocated to Seattle, Washington. MacKenzie was a founding member of Amazon, serving as an accountant and negotiating the company’s first freight contract. The couple has four kids. Scott is the author of two books, “The Testing of Luther Albright,” which won an American Book Award, and “Traps.”

Their divorce was announced on Twitter on January 9, 2019. Scott announced the divorce terms on Twitter three months later. As part of their divorce, she received a 4% stake in Amazon. MacKenzie announced in July that she would be going by her middle name, Scott. She remarried Dan Jewett, a science teacher at the private Lakeside School, in the meantime. Jewett discussed their marriage and philanthropic plans in a post on the Giving Pledge website on March 6, 2021.

Net Worth $57 billion
Born April 7, 1970 (Age – 51)
Identified as ​Second-wealthiest woman
Status Novelist, &
Education Princeton University (Bachelor of Arts/Science)
Nationality United States
Residence Seattle, Washington
Spousal Status Divorced (Jeff Bezos; M. 1993; div. 2019, M. 2021; Dan Jewett)
Children 4 (3 sons & 1 daughter) adopted from China


MacKenzie Scott Private Life & Early Life

Getting to know Jeff Bezos

MacKenzie moved to New York after graduating from Princeton with the dream of becoming a novelist. She worked as an administrative assistant at the hedge fund D.E. Shaw to help supplement her income until her dream became a reality. Jeff Bezos, a fellow Princeton alum, was one of those she assisted in this capacity. Their offices were connected by a shared wall.

She eventually advanced to the position of research associate reporting directly to Bezos. Jeff and MacKenzie first met in 1992 and dated for three months before getting married. They tied the knot in 1993. He was 29 and she was 23 years old.

Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Jeff and MacKenzie first met at the hedge fund D.E. Shaw in 1992., where Jeff was a vice president and MacKenzie was an analysis assistant. Their first meeting occurred during Jeff’s interview of MacKenzie at the firm. Scott and Jeff began dating after the meeting.

And they were supposed to be together for the rest of their lives after three months of dating in New York. After marrying in 1993, the couple left D. E. Shaw and relocated to Seattle, where they founded, an online book-selling platform at the time.

Jeff learned about internet authority during the wedding and became very excited about the newly shaping “internet interaction” of people. “I won’t be disappointed if I fail, but I’ll be very disappointed if I don’t begin,” Jeff Bezos says.

After living together from 1993 to 2018, building Amazon, and raising four children, they announced their divorce unexpectedly, at a time when Jeff’s net worth was $136 billion. The couple’s divorce is known as the most expensive separation ever signed on the planet.

When she filed for divorce from Bezos, MacKenzie initially chose to identify with her surname, Tuttle, but later changed it to Scott, which was derived from her middle name. On April 4, 2019, MacKenzie announced via Twitter that their divorce had been finalized and that she had received 20 million shares of Amazon stock, representing approximately 4% of the company’s stock.

Jeff retained 75% of their former ownership or approximately 60 million shares, and all voting rights over her shares were retained by Jeff, and she agreed to deliver the rights to him, despite the fact that she was receiving the value without voting freedom.

In 2019, MacKenzie received 25% of the couple’s Amazon stock, valued at $35.6 billion, as part of their cooperative property divorce, while her ex-husband Jeff Bezos held 75% of the Amazon stack. She was enchanted as one of the wealthiest people on the planet after grabbing the third-wealthiest woman position. She was named the fourth-richest woman in the world by Forbes in 2020, with an estimated $36 billion in her pocket.


MacKenzie Career

MacKenzie began her career as a research assistant to Tony Morrison, which was a fantastic learning experience after college. Tony Morrison is her mentor. It took her nearly ten years to complete her first book, ‘The Testing of Luther Albright.’

The story follows the trials and tribulations of a devoted father whose job and family are threatened. The book was an instant success, with positive reviews. ‘Traps,’ her second novel, has all the makings of a Hollywood thriller. MacKenzie’s writing has always been very objective. In 2013, she gave the book ‘The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon’ by Brad Stone one star in a review for ‘Bloomberg Businessweek.’

She founded the anti-bullying organization “Bystander Revolution” in 2014. It has a website with hundreds of unscripted videos of students, celebrities, and experts discussing bullying. MacKenzie recently made headlines for her divorce from Jeff Bezos. As a result, she received a 4% stake in Amazon, which was worth slightly less than $38 billion at the time.

MacKenzie Bezos’s net worth is estimated to be $57 billion as of this year.


MacKenzie Bezos’ career highlights include:

  • Founder of Bystander Revolution
  • American Book Award (2006)



Jeff became fascinated with the newly formed “world wide web” around the time of their marriage. According to legend, Jeff realized that an online “e-commerce” store could be profitable, so he chose an online bookstore because books don’t go bad and don’t need to be tried on or even touched before purchase.

MacKenzie was instrumental in encouraging Jeff to pursue his dreams. In 1994, they decided to leave their comfortable jobs and lives in New York and relocate to Seattle so he could pursue his internet dreams. MacKenzie drove the Volvo across the country, with Jeff spitballing ideas and writing his e-commerce business plan on a laptop in the passenger seat.

Mackenzie Bezos Is Giving Away Half Of Her 37 Bilion Dollar Fortune To Charity | Boombuzz

Jeff and MacKenzie brainstormed a list of dozens of online-saleable products. Jeff eventually settled on books. He initially called his company Cadabra. He later settled on the name Amazon, which refers to the Amazon River in South America.

On July 5, 1994, Amazon was founded in their Seattle garage. Jeff got started with a $300,000 angel investment from his parents. MacKenzie worked as Amazon’s secretary and bookkeeper. During this time, she also attended night classes in fiction writing at the University of Washington.

It took another decade, but MacKenzie finally published her own fictional novel, “The Testing of Luther Albright.” According to reports, the book sold fewer than 2,000 copies. In 2013, she published her second book, titled “Traps.”


Making a Billionaire

Amazon held its initial public offering on May 15, 1997. After adjusting for stock splits, Amazon’s first day of trading ended at $2 per share. A single Amazon share now costs more than $3,000. If you had invested $10,000 in Amazon during its IPO, you would now have more than $15 million.

Jeff owned 20% of Amazon at the time of the company’s IPO. He regularly sold off chunks of equity over the years to create liquidity. Jeff’s stock sales have generated $70 billion in liquid cash as of this writing. Prior to their divorce, he owned 16% of Amazon.

Jeff became a billionaire for the first time in June 1998. He was worth $10 billion at the height of the dot-com bubble. His net worth fell back to $2 billion after the bubble burst. His net worth surpassed $50 billion for the first time in June 2015. It surpassed $100 billion for the first time in January 2018. It surpassed $150 billion in July 2018. His net worth has fluctuated between $150 and $200 billion in recent years.

Amazon shares briefly broke the $3,300 barrier on July 13, 2020. MacKenzie’s net worth would be the highest in the world at any price above $3,255. So, on July 13, 2020, MacKenzie Bezos will become the world’s richest woman for the first time.



The World’s Wealthiest Woman

MacKenzie was the world’s fifth wealthiest woman as of 2020. Here is a list of the world’s richest women as of January 1, 2020:

  1. Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers – $62 billion (L’Oreal heiress)
  2.  Julia Flesher Koch – $60 billion (David Koch’s widow – Koch oil)
  3. Alice Walton – $53 billion (Walmart founder Sam Walton’s daughter)
  4. Jacqueline Mars – $42 billion (Mars candy)
  5. MacKenzie Bezos – $37 billion


Property Investment

Jeff and MacKenzie paid $24 million for their Beverly Hills home in 2007. They paid $13 million for the property next door in 2017, totaling $37 million. As part of their divorce settlement, MacKenzie received this home. The California Community Foundation announced in August 2022 that MacKenzie had donated the house to the organization.

According to the foundation, the home was valued at $55 million at the time of the donation. In 2021, MacKenzie will give the organization $20 million. MacKenzie spent $37.5 million in 2019 to purchase a 3.2-acre waterfront property in Medina, Washington.


MacKenzie Bezos’s net worth  Summary

MacKenzie Bezos is the wife of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Jeff and MacKenzie have four children and are regarded as one of the wealthiest couples who are happily married and content with their lot in life. MacKenzie Bezos’s net worth is $57 billion.


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