Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth 2022

Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth 2022

What is Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth 2022? Kelly Clarkson is a $45 million net worth American singer, songwriter, and reality TV star. Kelly Clarkson is best known for her music career, which began with her appearance on the reality television show “American Idol.” Clarkson’s enormous net worth is the result of a series of wise financial decisions, as well as her success in the entertainment industry. She was also a successful writer, most notably in the children’s book genre.
Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth 2022

Biography and Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth 2022

Full Name Kelly Brianne
Date of Birth April 24, 1982
Age 40 Years
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and Television Personality
Height 5 ft. 3 in (1.60 m)
Nationality American
Source of Wealth Music
Annual Salary $14 Million
Net Worth $45 Million
Last Updated August 2022

Childhood Life

On April 24, 1982, Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Texas. Clarkson was born in the United Kingdom to Jeanne Ann Clarkson and Stephen Michael Clarkson. She has two stepbrothers from her father’s second marriage, as well as an older brother Jason and an older sister Alyssa. Her brother moved in with her father, and her sister was raised by an aunt, so she did not spend her childhood with her siblings.


Private Life

On October 20, 2013, Kelly Clarkson married Brandon Blackstock at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee. They have two children: River Rose, born in June 2014, and Remington “Remy” Alexander, born in April 2016. The couple divorced on August 3, 2021, citing irreconcilable differences.

Clarkson was ordered to pay Brandon $195,000 per month in child support following their divorce. The payment is divided into $150,000 in spousal support for two years and $45,000 in child support per month, which will presumably last until their children reach the age of 18.

Clarkson received custody of their children and will keep the majority of their assets, according to the final divorce settlement reached between Clarkson and Brandon in March 2022. She will also pay her ex-husband $115,000 per month in support until January 2021, in addition to $45,500 in child support. Clarkson also agreed to a $1.3 million one-time payment.


Kelly requested a divorce in June 2020. Kelly was granted primary custody of their two children by a judge in November 2020. Unfortunately, Brandon filed a support request for $430,000 in MONTHLY child support around the same time the custody decision was made. The total amount requested was $135,000 in child support and $301,000 in spousal support. He also asked for $2 million in legal fees.

In response, Kelly filed a complaint a few weeks later, alleging that Brandon did not have the necessary license for talent agents during the 13 years she was managed by him. As a result, she demanded that the million in fees be returned.

In March 2022 a final divorce settlement was finally struck between Kelly and Brandon. According to the final settlement, she will retain custody of their children and the majority of her assets. On the other hand she will pay him $115,000 in support per month through January 2024 PLUS $45,000 per month in child support, presumably until the kids are 18. Kelly also agreed to pay a $1.3 million lump sum.

In April 2021, a judge ordered Kelly to pay Brandon $195,000 per month in child support. This was divided as $150,000 in spousal support for two years and $45,000 per month in child support for the foreseeable future until their children reach the age of 18. Kelly was ordered by a judge in January 2022 to give Blackstock a 5% stake in her Montana ranch. Blackstock’s 5% stake in the ranch was worth $908,000 at the time of the judge’s order.



Kelly Clarkson learned about the upcoming talent show ‘American Idol: The Search for a Superstar’ from her friends in May 2002, who encouraged her to audition. Her successful appearance on the show resulted in a million-dollar record deal with RCA Records. She made her musical debut on September 17, 2002, with the double-A-side singles “Before Your Love” and “A Moment Like This.”

Clarkson released her debut album, ‘Thankful,’ in 2003, to favorable reviews from critics. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in the United States. With her second album, ‘Breakaway,’ released on November 30, 2004, she decided to abandon her ‘American Idol’ persona in favor of a more rock-oriented sound. She received two Grammy Awards for the album.

Following the success of her country duet with Jason Aldean, ‘Don’t You Wanna Stay,’ she decided to incorporate country music into her fifth studio album, ‘Stronger.’ The singles from her seventh studio album, ‘Piece by Piece,’ tell a single story of heartbreak.

A Career in Film

Kelly Clarkson has worked in the film industry since the start of her career. Her breakthrough role was in the 2003 film “From Justin to Kelly,” which was critically panned. Clarkson has also appeared on television shows such as “The Voice” and later seasons of “American Idol.” Clarkson has also established a successful career as a voice actor, appearing in films such as “The Star” and “Trolls World Tour.” She also has her own show called “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”


Some of the best highlights of Kelly Clarkson’s moment

  • Thankful (Album, 2003)
  • Because of You (Song, 2004)
  • Stronger (Song, 2001)
  • Piece By Piece (Song, 2015)


The Voice Kelly Clarkson’s Salary

Kelly makes $560,000 per episode as a judge on “The Voice.” This equates to approximately $14 million per season. Her total salary from “The Voice” was $13 million in previous seasons. Kelly earned $53 million before taxes from “The Voice” alone between 2012, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Kelly has earned approximately $100 million during her entire career, including her music earnings.

Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth 2022 is estimated to be $45 million.


Children’s Literature

Kelly Clarkson signed a book contract with HarperCollins in 2016. “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby” was her first book for children. She published “River Rose and the Magical Christmas” in 2017. She’s expressed a desire to write more children’s books in the future.


Social Media Account

Kelly Clarkson has a sizable fan base on her social media pages, where she posts about her personal life as well as work-related topics.

Instagram: Kelly Clarkson has over 6 million Instagram followers

Twitter: Clarkson has more than 12.1 million followers on Twitter.
Facebook: Kelly Clarkson has 14 million Facebook fans
TikTok: Kelly Clarkson also has more than 1.7 million TikTok followers.

Property Investment

Kelly purchased a $8.5 million 10,000-square-foot mansion in Encino, California, in June 2018. Her family lived there full-time. She had previously rented a LA home that had been broken into several times. Kelly listed the Encino home for a little less than $10 million in May 2020. When it finally sold in September 2021, the price was reduced to $9 million, then $8.24 million.

Kelly listed her Tennessee home for $8.75 million around the same time she bought the Encino home in 2018. In 2012, she paid $3 million for the 20,000-square-foot Henderson, Tennessee home. This lakefront property features 7 bedrooms and 4 acres of land. They reduced the price to $7.5 million in 2020. They finally sold this house in June 2020 for $6.3 million.

In Montana, she owns a remote 275-acre ranch with a rustic log cabin that she purchased for $2 million in 2015. According to the couple’s own legal filings, the ranch is now worth a reported $17 million. Kelly, who is now living on her own, paid $5.5 million for a new mansion in Los Angeles in June 2020.



Kelly Clarkson is one of the most successful artists to have emerged from the ‘American Idol’ franchise.She experimented with different themes and musical styles as her career progressed. Clarkson has received three Grammy Awards.

Kelly Clarkson’s Net Worth 2022 is estimated to be $45 million.


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