Novak Djokovic’s Net Worth 2022, Biography | Family | Career | Endorsements | Records

Novak Djokovic’s Net Worth 2022, Biography | Family | Career | Endorsements | Records

Regarding Novak Djokovic:

If you are a tennis fan, you may already be aware of the following facts about Novak Djokovic:

Novak Djokovic was born in Monte Carlo, Monaco on May 22, 1987. When he was four years old, he held a tennis racket for the first time. The racket was brought by his father. He finished 2014 as a triple European champion in singles, doubles, and team competition, as well as a silver medalist for Yugoslavia at the World Junior Championship in the team competition.

Novak rose to the 40th best junior tennis player in the world after competing in five ITF tournaments in 2002. Novak Djokovic is also a multilingual master, speaking Serbian, Italian, German, and English fluently.

Novak Djokovic wife
Age 34
Height 6 ft 2 in
Coach Marián Vajda and Goran Ivanisevic
Achievements 85 ATP titles
Net Worth $220 million
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jelena Djokovic
Residence Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Nationality Serbian
Endorsements/Sponsors Lacoste, Asics, Head, FitLine, Seiko, Peugeot, Ultimate Software Group, NetJets.

Novak Djokovic’s Net Worth 2022

Novak Djokovic’s Net Worth 2022 is estimated to be $220 million, Novak Djokovic ranks among the top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world. Djokovic’s net worth has increased by 42 percent in the last few years. The majority of his income comes from endorsements, which total around $26 million, and his salary/winnings, which total $5.5 million. Apart from his winning streak, Djokovic has won the hearts of many people through his charitable work. He is the founder of several charitable organizations, one of which is Novak Djokovic Charity Work.


Earnings from a Career

Novak Djokovic has earned more money from on-court wins than any other player in professional tennis history as of this writing. In July 2021, his career earnings surpassed $150 million for the first time. Novak Djokovic set a new record for the most prize money won in a single season in 2011, earning $12 million.

Novak signed a 5-year brand ambassador contract with Uniqlo in 2012, reportedly worth 8 million Euros per year. Djokovic has also received endorsements from Mercedes-Benz and Seiko. In 2017, he left Uniqlo to become a brand ambassador for Lacoste.

Novak earned $24 million in salary and endorsements between June 2017 and June 2018. He earned a whopping $50 million between June 2018 and June 2019. Between June 2019 and June 2020, he made $45 million.

When Novak won Wimbledon in July 2019, he had earned $133 million in his career, breaking the previous record held by the man he defeated, Roger Federer, who had earned $124 million. He has earned $144 million in tournament prizes alone as of this writing, surpassing Federer’s $129 million. The vast majority of his annual earnings come from endorsements with companies such as Peugeot and Lacoste. His Lacoste contract alone pays him eight figures per year.



Novak Djokovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia on May 22, 1987. He was raised with two brothers. Djokovic began playing tennis when he was four years old. As a six-year-old, Djokovic caught the attention of Jelena Geni, who saw the young boy’s potential right away. Jelena Geni then personally trained Djokovic for the next six years before sending him to Germany to work with Nikola Pili. He trained at Pili’s academy for four years, beginning his junior career halfway through his tennis education.


Professional Development

Novak Djokovic turned pro in 2003, but his first Grand Slam appearance came in 2005 when he qualified for the Australian Open. He also did well at Wimbledon and the US Open that year. He had risen to the top 40 of the world rankings by 2006. He won his first ATP title at the Dutch Open that year. Djokovic climbed into the top 20 after winning the Moselle Open.

Djokovic entered the top ten for the first time in 2007. That year, he won the Rogers Cup by defeating Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, and Roger Federer. Those were the top three players in the world at the time. He won his first major title in 2008, winning the Australian Open. Djokovic finished the year with an Olympic bronze medal and his first Tennis Masters Cup victory.

After reaching ten finals and winning five titles in 2009, Novak Djokovic cemented his position as the world’s third-ranked tennis player. Djokovic had another successful year in 2010, and by 2011, he had risen to the top of the world rankings for the first time.

He won ten tournaments that year, including the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. Despite a disappointing season due to a back injury, many commentators regarded Djokovic’s achievements that year as among the most impressive in sporting history.

Djokovic reclaimed his title as Australian Open champion for the second time in 2012. He finished the year by defeating Nadal at the 2012 ATP World Tour Finals, capping off another impressive season.

He finished the year in first place once more. Djokovic won the Australian Open again in 2013, but he eventually lost the number one ranking to Nadal in 2014. A wrist injury hampered his success that year, but he came back to beat Nadal at Wimbledon and reclaim the world’s number one ranking.

Djokovic’s achievements in 2015 aided what many consider to be one of the greatest tennis seasons in history. Djokovic, in addition to winning numerous titles, achieved a rare victory over Nadal at the French Open.

In 2016, his point advantage over his competitors was nearly unassailable. That year, he won all four major tournaments, completing what was dubbed the “Nole Slam” by the media. Despite this, Djokovic finished the year in second place due to a string of defeats.

Djokovic had a somewhat disappointing year in 2017, as he was defeated at the Australian Open by a player ranked outside of the top 100. Djokovic fired his entire coaching staff and hired Andre Agassi as his new coach in order to find a winning edge. Unfortunately, he was sidelined for the majority of the season due to an elbow injury.

In 2018, he had elbow surgery in the middle of the season. That year, he regained his form and won his first career Golden Masters. He eventually returned to the top of the world rankings. He won the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 2019. Novak Djokovic is the world’s top-ranked tennis player as of 2020.


Tennis prowess (2001-2021)

Djokovic began his career by becoming Europe’s top-ranked under-14 player and competing in Serbia’s Junior Davis Cup event. His best junior tour performance came in 2004 when he reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open.

Djokovic, who had previously been regarded as a player who regularly reached slam semi-finals, won his first major title at the 2008 Australian Open. 2011 marked the beginning of the Serbian star’s dominance over two of his main rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

During the ATP Heritage Celebration at The Waldorf=Astoria in New York City, Novak Djokovic of Serbia, Rafael Nadal of Spain, and Roger Federer of Switzerland wait to go on stage. (Image courtesy of Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Both of these opponents faced Djokovic frequently and were consistently defeated by the Serb. Even in 2021, the Serb’s dominance continues, as he won three Grand Slam titles and came close to winning a fourth at the US Open. Overall, Djokovic currently has the same number of majors as Nadal and Federer (20) and appears to be on track to win more Grand Slams than both of his opponents.



Djokovic has had numerous on-court rivalries with top-tier players over the years. However, his matches against Federer, Nadal, and Murray always enthralled fans and were entertaining to watch. Djokovic’s rivalry with Nadal stands out among his three major opponents over the years. On the ATP tour, the pair played 58 matches against each other, with Djokovic winning 30 of them.

Their most recent meeting was in the 2021 French Open semi-finals. Djokovic passed the Spaniard’s test with flying colors in a thrilling four-set battle and went on to win Roland Garros.

When it comes to Djokovic’s rivalry with Federer, it is one of the most entertaining rivalries on the ATP tour. The two had several close battles, but it is the Serb who takes the decisive lead once more. Federer and Djokovic both played 50 matches on tour, with Djokovic winning 27 of them.

Their most recent match was in the 2020 Australian Open semi-finals. Federer was easily defeated in straight sets by Djokovic. Djokovic had a relatively easy rivalry with Murray because he was clearly the superior player whenever they met on a tennis court. There were times when Murray took command, but overall, the Serbian star leads the head-to-head with 25 victories to Murray’s 11.


Novak Djokovic’s assets include:


Novak Djokovic lives in Monaco’s Monte Carlo. He purchased this Luxury Home in 2014. This real estate property is estimated to be worth around 5.1 million USD. He also has a number of real estate holdings all over the world.


Novak Djokovic has a sizable car collection. He owns some of the world’s most expensive luxury automobiles. Novak Djokovic’s car brands include Aston Martin, Peugeot, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and BMW.


Each winning match is worth approximately 5-6 million USD.

Let us look at some facts about MR. Novak Djokovic’s estimated net worth includes all of his assets and investments.

Novak Djokovic’s Net Worth 2022 220 Million USD
Annual Income 18.5 Million USD
Personal Investments 152.8 Million USD
Luxury Cars 4.2 Million USD


The Net Worth Dependency:

In the case of athletes, winning a match determines a large portion of their earnings. Nole is regarded as one of the best players in the world. Given his current performance and record-breaking achievements, we can be very optimistic about his net worth, which will continue to grow over time.


  • Matches 783 WON -163 LOST

He won his first ATP tournament in the Dutch city of Amersfoort, and his family later purchased the ATP license for the Serbia Open in Belgrade. Immediately following that, Novak won another title in Metz, making him the youngest player in the top 20.

He became the only Men’s Singles Tennis player in history to win a “Career Slam” after winning the French Open in 2016. The title of his book, “Serve To Win,” describes his journey to becoming one of the greatest tennis players of all time. In addition, the book includes a 14-day gluten-free diet plan for improved fitness.

“Belief is the most common word to me, even more than hope,” he once said. To achieve one’s dreams, one must truly believe in them.”

Everyone has some little secrets or truths about their lives, but when it comes to our favorite people, we develop a strong desire to turn the pages of their life books. We hope we have provided you with brief but interesting reading material from Novak Djokovic’s life.



Novak Djokovic is widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He has 85 ATP titles and 20 Grand Slams, which he shares with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. He is also the only player in history to have won all four Grand Slam tournaments at least twice.

Novak Djokovic broke Roger Federer’s record for the most weeks as World No.1 shortly after winning his 18th Grand Slam at the Australian Open in 2021. The 20-time Major champion has spent 310 weeks at the top of the world rankings and remains at the pinnacle of the sport.

The 2021 season was fruitful and successful for the year-end world number one. Djokovic began the year by winning his ninth Australian Open title, his 18th Grand Slam of his career.

Tennis – Australian Open – Men’s Singles Final – Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic holds the trophy after defeating Russia’s Daniil Medvedev in the final. Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/Reuters THE DAY’S TPX IMAGES

Djokovic won his 19th Grand Slam in the final of the French Open 2021, defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas. As a result, he completed his second career Grand Slam. He defeated Rafael Nadal in the semifinals on his way to the title.

Following his 19th slam at the French Open 2021, Djokovic won his 20th Grand Slam by defeating Matteo Berrettini in the Wimbledon Championships 2021 final. On the verge of completing his Calendar Slam at the US Open in 2021, Daniil Medvedev defeated him in straight sets in the finals in New York, ending his 27-match Grand Slam winning streak.


Equipment and playing style

Novak Djokovic is an offensive baseliner with exceptional defensive abilities. Djokovic improved several aspects of his game over time, including his net skills and serve, which became more accurate and to the point. These successful adjustments have propelled him to the top of men’s tennis at the moment.

Djokovic began his career with a Wilson racquet but switched to Head after winning the Australian Open in 2008. Since then, the Serbian star has remained loyal to ‘Head,’ and is currently sporting the Head PT113B model.

Finally, we wish Novak a prosperous year filled with accomplishments, good health, and lots of love. May he always achieve his goals and increase his net worth!


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