Larry Page’s Net Worth 2022, Salary | Earnings | Assets | Cars

Larry Page’s Net Worth 2022, Salary | Earnings | Assets | Cars

Name Larry Page
Net Worth (2022) $131 Billion
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 9.90 Lakh Crore
Profession American business magnate, computer scientist, and Internet entrepreneur
Monthly Income And Salary $1 Billion +
Yearly Income And Salary $8 Billion +
Yearly Salary In Indian Rupees Rs.60,000 Crore +
Last Updated 2022

As previously stated, Larry Page has a net worth of $131 billion. Alphabet accounts for nearly all of his earnings. Google is involved in the operation. He is said to have received $5 billion in dividends last year. He has been the CEO of Google twice, once in the early stages and once later.

Sundar Chai is currently Google’s CEO. Despite his many accomplishments, there is one aspect of his life that always causes him to be sad. This page contains information about Larry Page’s net worth, biography, age, wife, height, business, weight, and many other things. Larry Page is worth $131 billion. He is the creator of Google.

Although there were successful search engines prior to Google, Google has dominated the search engine market since its inception. Larry Page is the driving force behind Google’s success. The page rank created by Larry Page distinguished Google from all other search engines of the time, and it is the reason for Google’s success.

He has a rare disease that is gradually robbing him of his ability to communicate. Following this disease, it is reported that Google has begun investing heavily in research to find cures for new diseases. You might be surprised to learn that Larry and his partner Sergei Brin did not get along at all in the beginning.

Both were university PhD candidates. When they began working together on research, they became fast friends, and Google was born. When Google was founded, Sergei’s job was to create the search engine, and Larry Page’s job was to create the page rank.


In the last five years, Larry Page’s net worth has increased.

Net Worth in 2022 $131 Billion
Net Worth in 2021 $123  Billion
Net Worth in 2020 $116  Billion
Net Worth in 2019 $110  Billion
Net Worth in 2018 $103  Billion
Net Worth in 2017 $95  Billion



Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973, in East Lansing, Michigan (home of Michigan State University). Carl Victor Page, Sr., his father, has been described as a computer science pioneer. Larry began tinkering with computers and creating inventions at a young age.

From 1975 to 1979, he attended Okemos Montessori School. He then graduated from East Lansing High School in 1991. Larry attended Interlochen Center for the Arts for two summers while still in high school, where he focused on the saxophone. For his undergraduate studies, he earned a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering from the University of Michigan.


Stanford and the Making of Google

Larry enrolled in Stanford University’s computer science program after graduating from the University of Michigan. He must find a dissertation topic as part of the program. He eventually decided to investigate the World Wide Web’s mathematical properties and link structure.

His major discovery was that the number of backlinks received from other websites could be used to judge the quality of a website. This revelation mirrored how academics use citations to assess quality.

Sergey Brin, a fellow PhD student, eventually joined Larry on the project that became known as “Backrub.” They collaborated on the paper “The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine.” Their paper was the most downloaded scientific document in internet history at the time.

They then used the Backrub web crawler to create an algorithm that assigned a quality score to every website on the internet. They named this algorithm “PageRank,” which was both a reference to an internet page and Larry’s surname. Following the development of a crawler and an algorithm, the next logical step was to create a search engine to display results.

After being essentially kicked off campus for using too many University computer resources, Larry and Sergey formed Google as a private company in 1998. The original domain name was “Googol,” which is a number made up of one followed by one hundred zeros.

They began with a $100,000 investment from David Cheriton, one of their Stanford professors. Cheriton’s $100,000 investment would be worth more than $2.3 billion in the end.


Google IPO

On August 20, 2004, Google went public under CEO Eric Schmidt, who had been brought in to turn the company into a professional business. Schmidt was CEO until 2011, when Larry assumed the position again.

He served as CEO until December 2019, when he and Sergey both left the company. They both still own a majority of the company and serve on the board, but they no longer work there. Sundar Pichai took over as CEO in his place. The company now earns more than $130 billion in revenue.

He is currently one of the world’s richest people and one of the richest internet entrepreneurs in history. Many professional organizations have honored Larry Page, including an honorary MBA from IE Business School and the Maxim Foundation Prize in 2004. (the highest honor in the field of engineering).

He is also a Marconi Foundation Fellow at Columbia University, and he recently received an honorary Doctorate from the University of Michigan. Page, along with co-founder and friend Sergey Brin, is involved in a variety of philanthropic endeavors.



Here are a few of Larry Page’s career highlights:

  • TR100, MIT Technology Review, 2002. (top innovators list)
  • 2004 Marconi Foundation Award for Engineering Excellence
  • According to Forbes, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were the fifth and sixth most powerful people in the world in 2009.
  • Communication Award, Princess of Asturias Awards, 2008


3 Larry Page’s Success Principles

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about Larry Page’s net worth and how he achieved success, let’s look at some of the lessons we can take from him:

Go the extra mile:  Don’t accept second best. Push yourself to your limits to show yourself that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.

Not everything is about competition: Don’t do things just to outperform the competition. To improve and challenge yourself and your abilities, you should always aim higher than your current goals.

Always strive to make the world a better place: We should all be conscious of our environment and strive to leave the world a better place than we found it, whether through our ecological footprint or our impact on others.


Larry Page is a very wealthy man today because he founded the multinational corporation Google, which is used by millions of people every day. In 2020, Larry Page’s net worth is estimated to be around $131 billion.

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