Top 10 Most Expensive Comics of all time

Top 10 Most Expensive Comics of all time

There is a lot of interest in comic books, which means that comic books with historical or other significance can fetch a lot of money when sold to interested people. Look no further than the fact that a small number of comic books have been known to sell for prices ranging from the high hundreds of thousands to the low millions of dollars.

Top 10 Most Expensive Comics of all time

Here are Top 10 Most Expensive Comics of all time available:

10. Captain America Comics #1 – $343,000

Captain America Comics #1

is the first appearance of Captain America. Given the character’s nature, it should come as no surprise that the cover page depicts him punching Hitler while a bullet bounces off his shield. In any case, the problem is worth approximately $343,000.

9. Action Comics #7 – $414,000

Action Comics #7 contains a drawing of Superman clutching the right foot of a be-suited man flailing about in mid-air. The issue is notable because it is the superhero’s second appearance on a comic book cover, which explains why it is only worth $414,000 rather than much more.


8. Amazing Fantasy #15 – $447,000

Amazing Fantasy #15 is worth $447,000 and establishes Peter Parker as a “timid teenager” who performs superheroics as the web-slinging Spider-Man in an instant. This was the issue that introduced the character, who has remained a much-loved part of the comic book landscape ever since.

7. All-American Comics #16 – $492,000

All-American Comics #16 was published in July of 1940 and was the first issue to feature the Green Lantern. Having said that, it is clear that this version of the character is very different from his successors, as evidenced by a cover page depicting the masked vigilante in cape rushing at what is presumably a mobster wielding a very recognizable submachine gun. The issue is worth approximately $492,000.


6. Batman #1 – $534,000

Batman #1 is worth around $534,000. Although it is not the first comic book to feature Batman, it is the first to bear the Batman name. By this point, both Batman and Robin were well-known figures. However, it is worth noting that this was the issue that introduced two very influential characters in the Batman mythos, one of whom was Catwoman and the other was the Joker.


5. Detective Comics #1 – $541,000

In terms of Batman, the character first appeared in the Detective Comics series. It’s worth noting that Detective Comics #1 is worth around $541,000. The cover of this historic issue, however, hasn’t aged well, as it features a sneering caricature of a Chinese bureaucrat-scholar complete with the Fu Manchu mustache.


4. Marvel Comics #1 – $572,000

There are several reasons why Marvel Comics #1 is worth $572,000. One is that it features the first appearance of the superhero known as the Human Torch, and the other is that it is the first Marvel Comic ever published. The second point is far more important than the first for the simple reason that the Human Torch isn’t particularly visible at the moment. People may be confused because of the Fantastic Four, but it should be noted that Johnny Storm simply reused the name of this one, who is an android.

3. Superman #1 – $731,000

Superman #1 debuted in the summer of 1939. Although it is not the character’s first appearance, it is still worth $731,000.


2. Detective Comics #27 – $2,230,000

Detective Comics #27 was the first appearance of Batman in a comic book, which explains why it is worth around $2,230,000. The first version of Batman already looks like his iconic self, though the rest of the details for the superhero took some time to settle into place.

1. Action Comics #1 – $3.2 million

In Action Comics #1, Superman made his debut. He wasn’t the first superhero, but he was one of the first to gain widespread popularity, making this issue truly historic. As such, it is worth $3,200,000, which is a massive sum, to say the least.


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