Bob Saget Net Worth 2022

Bob Saget Net Worth 2022

How much is Bob Saget Net worth 2022?

Profession: Professional Comedian
Date of Birth: May 17, 1956 (age 65)
Country: United States of America
Height: 1.92 m

About Bob Saget | Bob Saget Net Worth 2022 nn

Bob Saget is a well-known stand-up comedian, actor, and television host from the United States. Saget is best known for playing Danny Tanner in the ABC sitcom Full House and its Netflix sequel Fuller House. He also hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos and provided voice over work for the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Bob Saget, an American stand-up comedian, actor, television host, and director, is estimated to have a net worth of $50 million as of 2022. Saget is best known for his role as Danny Tanner on Full House and its Netflix sequel, Fuller House.

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How Did Bob Saget Get So Rich?

Although Saget was getting small roles and appearances here and there, he truly began to amass wealth when he began working on Full House. The show premiered in 1987 and lasted until 1995. 192 episodes were aired over the eight years, and it consistently ranked in the Nielsen Top 30 beginning in 1988. Saget’s popularity as a result of Full House led to a slew of new opportunities.

In 1989, he began his comedy career by working with America’s Funniest Home Videos. He worked on the popular TV show How I Met Your Mother in 2007, and he also appeared in two episodes of Grandfathered. Finally, Full House’s popularity resurfaced in 2016 when Netflix announced the production of a sequel. Saget worked on Fuller House from 2016 to 2020. Saget has amassed an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars since the start of his career and the popularity he gained from Full House.

Why is he so famous? | Bob Saget Net Worth 2022 nn

Bob Saget was born to a middle-class family on May 17, 1956. His father was a grocery store executive, and his mother was a Philadelphia-area healthcare administrator. Saget knew he wanted to be a doctor from a young age, but his high school English teacher encouraged him to consider more creative outlets. Saget began making his own films after attending Temple University’s film school, which earned him recognition and awards.

In 1987, he was offered a brief stint as a member of CBS’s The Morning Show. His time on the Morning Show paved the way for his role as Danny Tanner on Full House. Beginning with Season Three, Full House was ranked in the Top 30 of TV shows. In 1989, he began hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos and developing his own creative work as a TV and movie director.


What Made Saget So Successful? | Bob Saget Net Worth 2022 nn

While some may believe Saget is successful because he landed a good acting role on Full House, this is not the case. Saget has achieved success in a variety of roles over the course of his career. He used to be a guest star on a variety of TV shows and broadcasts, but then he landed his incredibly successful role on Full House. After leaving Full House, he went on to direct several films and guest star on popular television shows. He began his comedic career in an unusual way, winning a Grammy for his stand-up comedy skit.

He was starring in the hit Netflix show Fuller House as of 2022, and he continues to produce new work each year. Saget’s hard work and dedication to applying his creativity to everything he creates propels him to success. For over 30 years, his ability to bring likable characters to life has captivated audiences.



Bob Saget was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, into a middle-class family. He aspired to be a doctor as a child, but soon realized that his creativity was better suited to artistic work. He was eventually cast as Danny Tanner on the popular sitcom Full House, which launched his hosting, comedic, and producing career.

Saget’s ability to recognize his creative strengths and apply them to everything he does has led to an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars. The television and film industries are an important part of our culture because they allow talented people like Bob Saget to captivate audiences while also amassing fortunes.


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