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Nas Net Worth 2022

What is Nas net worth 2022?

Net Worth: $70 Million
Age: 47
Born: September 14, 1973
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Rapper
Last Updated: 2022

Introduction | Nas Net Worth 2022

Nas is a hip hop record producer, entrepreneur, and actor from the United States. He’s sold over 25 million records worldwide and has eight platinum albums in a row. Nas runs his own record label, owns a FILA sneaker store, and is an associate publisher for Mass Appeal magazine.

Nas’ net worth is estimated to be around $70 million as of 2022.


Early Life

Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones was born on September 14, 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. His mother worked for the postal service, and his father is a jazz and blues musician. Nas’ family relocated to the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City when he was a child. His initial interest in hip hop was influenced by his neighbor, who played him records.

His parents divorced in 1985, and he dropped out of school after the eighth grade, but he began playing the trumpet and writing his own rhymes.



Nas started recording music as a teenager under the alias “Kid Wave,” with the help of a neighbor who served as his DJ. In the late 1980s, Nas and Large Professor would go to the recording studio. Nas was a frequent studio producer, but none of his work was ever released.

Nas was signed to Columbia Records in the early 1990s, and his debut album was released in 1994. The album was named the best album of 1994 by The Source, and its success fueled more Nas hits. Nas went on to release a slew of albums over the years, and his feud with Jay-Z was widely publicized in 2001. With each of them launching diss tracks at the other.

Nas has sold over 25 million records worldwide, which is an incredible accomplishment; and Nas’ net worth is $70 million as of 2022, making him one of the richest rappers in the world.

Nas Source of Income

Nas has a large net worth, so here are some of the ways he makes money:

  • He has several business ventures, the majority of which he has undertaken in the last ten years.
  • He is fascinated by technology and is not afraid to invest in newer technology.
  • Because of his interest in technology, he established his own venture capital firm, Queensbridge Ventures. Several investments ranging from $500 to $50,000 have been made by the venture capital firm. Dropbox, SeatGeek, Lyft, General Assembly, Pluto TV, Genius, Pill Pack, Casper, and Robinhood are among the startups that have received funding from the company.
  • Nas is also a business owner. He put a million dollars into Mass Appeal Magazine in 2013. He was also the magazine’s publisher.
    In 2013, Nas also opened his sneaker store, Midnight RUN or Midnight Run, in Las Vegas.
  • In 2013, he also invested in Proven, a maker of job search apps.
  • Nas invested in Ring Inc. prior to Amazon’s acquisition of the doorbell company.
  • Nas is a Sweet Chick partner. The restaurant is constantly growing, with new locations opening in London, the United Kingdom, Los Angeles, and California.
  • He has a clothing line of his own. HSTRY
  • Nas is also heavily involved in the real estate industry, where he makes a lot of money. He paid $659,000 for a 3,592-square-foot home in Atlanta’s McDonough suburb in 2002. The house, which has two bedrooms, three full and one half bathrooms, and a swimming pool, was built in 1999.


Highlights | Nas Net Worth 2022

Here are some of Nas’ most memorable moments:

  • Illmatic (1994)
  • It Was Written (1996)
  • I Am… (1999)
  • Stillmatic (2001)
  • God’s Son (2002)
  • Street’s Disciple (2004)
  • Untitled (2008)
  • Distant Relatives (2010)
  • Life is Good (2012)


Nas’s Favorite Quotes

“You must keep your eyes clear, because only a coward lives in fear.”

“The craziest things have already happened to me, so you’ll either be laughing at me or laughing with me, ha”

“I was born alone, I died alone, and I have no crew to keep my crown or throne”

“Never, ever give up on yourself.” Continue to push because the changing of the guard is what life is all about. You should always stick with what you enjoy because your day will come. Your day is predetermined. If you walk away from that, whether it’s out of fear or because you’ve simply given up. Fear and giving up are the two greatest sins.”

“A part of me knew I was going to change the game, but I wasn’t sure how many people would respect it.”

“Every time I walk into the studio, I feel like I want to have a good time.” Doing the easy work is not my idea of fun. My enjoyment comes from doing what I enjoy.”


Nas Motivational Video

Summary | Nas Net Worth 2022

Nas is a successful rapper and entrepreneur, and his income has increased as a result of his career diversification.

Nas’ net worth is estimated to be $70 million in 2022.

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