Watch His Reaction When A Lagos Man Discovers His Wife’s Surprising Secret

Consider keeping a $416,023,650 secret from your spouse for more than three years. Could you pull it off? Akello Njuguna, a Lagos mother of two, put her marriage and family at risk in order to keep a shocking secret from her husband of 13 years.

After years of dating, Shadrack and Akello Njuguna, residents of a small district in Lagos, married in 2010. Shadrack worked as an engineer in town, while Akello worked as a receptionist at a nearby clinic. After the birth of their first child, Zahra, in 2012, they decided that Akello would leave her job to care for their children.

In 2014, the manufacturing industry took a beating. Fortunately, Shadrack did not lose his job, but he did have to work longer hours and take a significant pay cut in order for his company to survive. “Shadrack was taking care of our needs, but I noticed how tired he was.” “We tried to save as much money as we could, but it never seemed to be enough,” Akello explained. “We had no idea what was going to happen. The market did recover, but it then fell again. And I was pregnant with Mandere at the time, so we just hoped for the best.”

“We had no idea what was going to happen financially.” We simply hoped for the best.”

Akello Njuguna


Akello was browsing Facebook one afternoon shortly after Mandere was born when she came across an advertisement promising her $292,437 per day from home using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. She was intrigued, so she clicked on it and did some research. “I felt safer signing up for the system because it had some excellent reviews from a lot of users.” It’s not one of those ‘get rich quick’ schemes where you have to sell something to make a living. “If I had to sell something, I would not have signed up,” Akello explained.

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“I was apprehensive about starting the system. I knew absolutely nothing about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, but they teach you everything you need to know. I only knew how to browse the internet, but that was all the computer knowledge I required. “I also didn’t want Shadrack to feel like he wasn’t providing for our family,” Akello explained.

“I was nervous about starting the system. I didn’t want him to feel like he wasn’t providing for our family.”

Akello Njuguna


Two checks totaling $3,794,086.40 arrived after her first two weeks of using the software. Akello decided she needed a way to keep the money hidden until she was brave enough to tell Shadrack about her new job. As a result, she secretly opened a bank account without informing her husband. She chose to have the checks deposited each week directly into that account.

And life went on as usual for the next three years. Shadrack would go to work, while Akello worked at home on the Bitcoin Era system. She never touched the funds in the secret account. “It was extremely difficult for me to keep such a big secret from my husband.” I felt like I was betraying him, but I was afraid to tell him anything else. “Looking back, it was stupid of me to keep it from him,” Akello admitted.

Shadrack lost his job earlier this year. When he became depressed over the loss, Akello decided it was time to tell him what she had been doing every day. So she went to the bank one afternoon and cashed out the secret account she had been building for over three years. By then, the account had amassed a total of $416,023,650.

“Akello sat next to me and told me she had been keeping something from me and that it was really good news, but not to be mad at her,” Shadrack explained. She then took a check from her dress and handed it to me. Our bank wrote it out for her and signed it for $416,023,650. “At first, I didn’t believe it, but then she told me about the Bitcoin Era system.”

“At first, Shadrack was deafeningly quiet. I assumed he was upset and contemplating divorce because he had kept such a big secret from me. But then he burst into tears and hugged me. “I apologized and apologized to him, but he just exclaimed how relieved he was that his prayers for a solution to our financial problems had been answered,” Akello explained.

“My prayers had been answered. We went from making $0 to earning approximately $269,387 per day.”

Njuguna, Shadrack


The story of Shadrack and Akello has been shared on hundreds of local media outlets, including blogs, reports, and local news. When we discovered the story, we immediately requested that it be included in our local job report. We asked Akello to provide some special advice to our readers:

“I do not recommend keeping a secret from your spouse, but if you are looking for a consistent source of income, I strongly advise you to join today.” – Njuguna, Akello

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