7 great reasons to buy the new REDMAGIC 7

7 great reasons to buy the new REDMAGIC 7

It began with casual games like Snake, but the smartphone gaming scene has grown far beyond expectations, now offering everything from rich RPGs to thrilling FPS titles. With cloud gaming becoming a reality, smartphones are becoming the de facto gaming consoles for millions of people all over the world, and Nubia’s REDMAGIC phones have been at the forefront of gaming smartphones. The all-new REDMAGIC 7 is no exception, and you’re unlikely to find a better gaming phone anywhere else.

If you can’t get out of bed in the morning without a quick gaming session, you’ll love this phone, and here are seven reasons why you should get your hands on one!


7 great reasons to buy the new REDMAGIC 7

1) 165Hz OLED display

The REDMAGIC 7 features a stunning 6.8-inch FullHD+ display with a 165Hz refresh rate for an ultra-smooth experience. Its incredible 720Hz touch-sampling rate ensures next-to-no latency, which is important, especially in FPS games. That’s not all; it also supports DC dimming and has SGS Eye Care certification, making the display easier on the eyes. Nubia has avoided the punch-hole once more, opting instead for uniform chins at the top and bottom that allow for dual front-firing speakers.

2) Aesthetics to set you apart

The REDMAGIC 7 doesn’t even have to try to stand out in a sea of phones that look the same. The three variants are all distinct in their own way, but the Supernova model takes things to the next level with a see-through back and an RGB cooling fan — it screams gaming. Why should your phone look any less cool if your desktop gaming rigs can be decked out?

3) Air-cooled 65W charging

It’s never a good feeling to see the low battery indicator appear just as you’re about to start a game. Fortunately, Nubia includes a 65W GaN charger in the box, which can charge the phone completely in 25 minutes and also power larger devices such as laptops. The built-in fan activates automatically when the phone is charging at maximum speeds, preventing overheating and increasing charging efficiency.

4) Bleeding-edge performance

What good is a racecar without a roaring engine? The REDMAGIC 7 is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and can support up to 18GB LPDDR5 RAM — far more than you’ll ever need. A multi-layer cooling system that includes air-cooling, liquid-cooling, and passive heat dissipation complements the powerful internals. Oh, and did I mention the phone has a built-in cooling fan (as well as an air vent) that can spin at speeds of up to 20,000 RPM?

5) Gamer-centric customizations

There’s probably no other company that focuses on gaming as much as Nubia does, and it shows. The 3.5mm headphone jack is still present and thriving here, and it is complemented by gaming mics for an all-around great audio experience while gaming. A dedicated physical switch allows you to jump right into your favorite games through Game Space, a gaming hub where you can control everything from fan speed to triggers.

6) Battery that lasts

The built-in fan, RGB lights, and 165Hz display would seem to deplete the battery life, but the REDMAGIC 7’s 4,500mAh unit should last you at least a day, if not two. The power-efficient processor and Nubia’s optimization do an excellent job of eliminating battery issues. Even if you manage to kill your phone before the end of the day, the 65W charger inbox will gladly assist!

7) Ultimate shoulder triggers

If you’ve ever played a game on a desktop or a console, you’ll understand how much more convenient traditional inputs (controllers/keyboard+mouse) are compared to the touchscreen controls on which mobile games must rely. The customizable shoulder triggers on the REDMAGIC 7 add a layer of tactility and make the gaming experience a lot more enjoyable — not to mention they’re especially useful in FPS games.

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