Gus Hansen net worth 2022

Gus Hansen net worth 2022

Gus Hansen is a well-known figure in the world of gambling, particularly poker. With numerous titles and awards, as well as a reputation as a brilliant poker player, he is frequently referred to with reverence by professionals. His good looks, which earned him a spot on People magazine’s list of the 50 Sexiest Men, only add to the poker genius’ overall persona and charm.

Name Gustav “Gus” Hansen
Nickname The Great Dane
Profession Pro poker player
Born 13th of February, 1974
Net Worth $15 million

Early Life | Gus Hansen net worth 2022

Gustav Jacobsen was born on February 13, 1974. He was later known as Gus Hansen. Hansen, who was born near Copenhagen, Denmark, has traveled the world, claiming victories and glories as arguably the best poker player in the world.


How His Poker Career Started | Gus Hansen net worth 2022

Hansen began his poker career in Santa Cruz’s Card Room of the Ocean View. He was already a world-class backgammon player and a tennis champion when he switched to poker in 1997, and he was a huge success.

Throughout his poker career, Hansen has taken significant risks that have frequently paid off. They have, at the very least, made him extremely popular even among seasoned poker players.

Some of his detractors, however, believe Hansen is far too reckless and daring. In any case, one cannot deny that Hansen’s unconventional methods have been largely successful.


Tournaments, Awards, and Titles

Gus Hansen has amassed a slew of awards, titles, and honors during his poker career. Among these accomplishments is being the first player to win three World Poker Tour open tournaments. Hansen also won the inaugural World Poker Tour Bad Boys of Poker event.

Furthermore, he was inducted into the World Poker Tour Walk of Fame in 2004, alongside all of the other poker’s big names. He won the London All Star Challenge in 2006, which came with a cash prize of $102,000 USD.

He also won the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament, the 2004 World Series of Poker, the European Poker Tour, High Stake Poker, NBC’s Poker After Dark, the main event of the Aussie Millions, No Limit Hold’em High Rollers Heads-up, and the Poker Million IX tournament. By 2017, he had amassed total winnings in live tournaments of over 11,250,000 USD.


Reckless Brilliance | Gus Hansen net worth 2022

Gus Hansen is likely the only poker player who has managed to save the game not only after going all-in on the first round, but also after going blind all-in. This has happened several times. It happened once during the Poker Superstars III event. He went all in despite the fact that he hadn’t even seen his cards yet. He repeated this strange strategy a few rounds later.

Gus Hanen is not only gifted with superior skills and intuition, but he is also endowed with incredible luck. This good fortune was on display in the Former World Series Main Event, where he was challenged by Chris Moneymaker with an ace and a ten. At the time, Hansen had a 10 and a 7. Fortunately for him, his next turn yielded a 7!

Another extremely fortunate game he had was when he managed to tie a game despite having a difficult hand of Q-J as opposed to the opponent’s K-Q. Both players eventually finished with straights to tie the game.


Gus Hansen’s Poker Losses | Gus Hansen net worth 2022

In a game like poker, luck and hands do not always favor you. This is also true for Gus Hansen. Despite his enormous success, he also suffered a number of significant poker losses.

As a result of his losses in live cash games, Hansen has been reported to have faced financial difficulties. Hansen admits to losing nearly a million dollars in a couple of games at the Big Game, which is held at Las Vegas’ Bellagio Casino. In addition, by March 2015, he had lost nearly $21.7 million USD on Full Tilt Poker.

Highlights of Gus Hansen Poker Career

Hansen has participated in a variety of tournaments, cash games, and online poker games. In this section, we will take a cursory look at the list of his most remarkable wins.

Gus Hansen net worth 2022

Event Winning Date
WPT $25K No Limit Hold’em Championship Event 15 2008 Five Star World Poker Classic World Poker Tour 2005 $1,714,800
$8,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship 2017 Aussie Million 2007 $1,200,000
$400K No Limit Hold’em Main Event 2005 Poker Superstars Invitational 2009 $1,000,000
$25,300 WSOP One Drop Mega Satellite 2012 $1,000,000
$10K No Limit Hold’em Final (Five Diamond World Poker Classic) 2012 $823,579
$257,369 No Limit Hold’em $250K Challenge Event 20 – 2012 Aussie Millions 2002 $556,460
$10K No Limit Hold’em – Championship 2003 L.A. Poker Classic WPT 2012 $532,490
$7,500 No Limit Hold’em 2004 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure WPT 2004 $455,780
Event 4 No Limit Hold’em High Roller Heads Up 2010 World Series of Poker European – London 2010 $444,925
No Limit Hold’em High Roller Heads Up 2005 Bay 101 Shooting Star World Poker Tour 2005 $320,000
$25K No Limit Hold’em Heads Up Championship 2011 42nd Annual World Series of Poker 2011 $283,966
WPT No Limit Hold’em Championship 2003 Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic 2003 $276,426
Event 55 – World Championship No Limit Hold’em 2007 38th Annual World Series of Poker 2007 $154,194
No Limit Hold’em Championship 2007 Spanish Championship World Poker Tour 2007 $142,852
Event 49 – $50K World Championship H.O.R.S.E 2009 40TH Annual World Series of Poker 2009 $123,895 London All Start Challenge Main Event 2006 $100,275
EPT Championship Event – Event 6 2005 EPT Barcelona – Season II 2005 $96,712
No Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship 2007 World Series of Poker Europe – London 2007 $83,260
Main Event 2008 Partouche Poker Tour 2008 $81,212
2008 NBC Heads-Up Championship Event 2008 $75,000
Doyle Brunson Classic Championship Event 13 2007 Five Diamond World Poker Classic WPT 2007 $57,815


Other Ventures | Gus Hansen net worth 2022

Even outside of poker, Hansen has a talent for analyzing odds, and with his undeniably good luck, he has achieved success in various areas of gambling. This comes as no surprise given that he is a self-professed professional gambler. He frequently places private bets on various athletic events and professional sports, including boxing.

He was also a founding member of Full Tilt and the company’s first brand ambassador.

His other business ventures include the creation of, an online poker site, in 2003. Hansen is not only a founding partner, but also the website’s in-house professional. The website was later sold to Betfair, a British company, in 2005. The sale netted Hansen and his team more than 100 million Danish kroner, or about $15,000,000 USD.

Gus Hansen appeared in the Going All In poker instructional DVD series in 2005. Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Advanced Strategies with Gus Hansen is the title of the DVD. Following this, Hansen continued to share his understanding and knowledge of the many complexities involved in poker with other players.

In 2007, he launched, a strategy website and poker forum, as part of his efforts toward this goal. Aside from advice on the best strategy to use in various scenarios and a place where people could get answers to their poker-related questions, the website also included Hansen’s personal blog and a ‘Gus Tracker,’ which could be used to keep up with all of the tournaments he was a part of or his other poker-related news from around the world.

However, Hansen sold his stake and interest in this venture in 2008. Gus Hansen became a commentator for the World Series of Backgammon the same year. The following year, in 2009, Hansen launched GusHansenTV, a free internet-based channel that covers everything poker-related.

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