Bella Twins Net Worth 2022

Bella Twins Net Worth 2022

The Bella Twins

$20 Million

Bella Twins Net Worth 2022:

The Bella Twins are a pair of American models and professional wrestlers with a net worth of $20 million. The Bella Twins are best known as retired professional wrestlers who worked for the WWE for many years.

Both twins have previously held the Divas Championship, though Nikki has the distinction of being the longest-reigning Diva while Brie has only held the title once. Nikki was widely regarded as the more successful wrestler, and she was rated highly by a number of magazines and experts. Both twins were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

Aside from wrestling, the Bella Twins have appeared in a number of films and television shows. The Bella Twins have their own YouTube channel, wine label, and clothing lines, in addition to their own clothing lines. Furthermore, the twins have started their own podcast. Bella has appeared in 11 different WWE titles and is a common fixture in wrestling video games.

Early Life | Bella Twins Net Worth 2022: 

The Bella Twins were born in San Diego, California on November 21, 1983. Nikki is 16 minutes older than her identical twin sister; both girls grew up on a farm in a suburb just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. The girls became avid soccer players at a young age, and Nikki was initially set on a career as a professional soccer player until she suffered a career-ending leg injury.

After high school, the twins attended university in San Diego before relocating to Los Angeles. While looking for modeling and acting jobs, the couple worked as waitresses at the Mondrian Hotel.

During the World Cup, the twins appeared in a Budweiser commercial, holding the famed soccer trophy aloft. Nikki and Bella were competing in the 2006 “International Body Doubles” twins search by 2006. The Bella twins also took part in the WWE Diva Search in 2006. Both ventures were a failure for the twins.

Career | Bella Twins Net Worth 2022:

The twins only had to wait a year before being signed to the WWE in 2007. Nikki and Brie made their debut in Florida Championship Wrestling and were quickly dubbed “The Bella Twins.” Nikki also competed in bikini contests during this time. Brie made her “Smackdown” debut in 2008, before Nikki was introduced. By this point, the twins had become well-known for their participation in tag team matches. During this time, they also competed in bikini contests.

Brianna was the first to make her WWE debut in a 2008 episode of “SmackDown,” and she performed as “Brie Bella” for the first time. Nikki was revealed to be her identical twin a few episodes later. The twins were famous for their on-screen relationship with John Morrison and The Miz during their early years. They also competed against each other on occasion.

Executive Administrator Eve Torres fired the twins, it was revealed in 2012. However, the couple returned to WWE in 2013. Brie pretended to “quit” the WWE in 2014, and Stephanie McMahon punished her by placing Nikki in a series of handicap matches. Nikki had earned her title as Divas Champion by this point, and she had held it for many years, becoming the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history.

The Bella Twins’ influence began to wane beginning in 2015. Nikki suffered a neck injury that necessitated surgery, while Brie failed to win the Divas Championship and took an extended break from wrestling. One of their last major appearances was in the “Raw 25 Years” special episode, where both twins advanced to the final four. Nikki then lost the title to Rhonda Rousey at WWE Evolution. Both twins announced their retirement from WWE in 2019.

Film and Television | Bella Twins Net Worth 2022: 

Aside from wrestling, the twins have appeared in a number of films and television shows. They made a cameo appearance in MTV’s “Ridiculousness” in 2012. “Psych” is another notable series, as is the reality show “Total Divas.” They appeared in the 2014 film “Confessions of a Womanizer” and voiced characters in “The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age SmackDown.” They’ve also appeared at the Miss USA 2013 pageant, the MTV Europe Music Awards, and the Teen Choice Awards.

In 2016, the pair launched a YouTube channel together. In 2017, Nikki appeared on “Dancing with the Stars.” In 2019, the twins also launched their own podcast and appeared in a number of WWE video games.

Business Ventures: 

Over the years, the twins have launched several businesses, including a wine label called Belle Radici, a clothing line called Birdiebee, and a body and beauty line called Nicole + Brizee.


Brie gave birth to her first child in 2017. Despite the fact that Brie was the first to become a mother, both women became pregnant in 2020 at the same time. Nikki is married to her former “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Artem Chigvintsev. Brie is married to fellow professional wrestler Daniel Bryan, with whom she has two children. Nikki was previously engaged to John Cena before the wedding was called off.

Real Estate: 

Nikki and her twin sister were reported to be relocating to Napa Valley in October 2020. The twins explained that they were “always in California,” and that they did a lot of business in the state before deciding to relocate. In an interview, both women stated that they wanted to downsize and relocate to their “favorite state.” Nikki also stated that this was the reason she had sold her Arizona home. The twins also announced plans to expand their Napa Valley winemaking operations.

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