Mick Foley Net Worth 2022

Mick Foley Net Worth 2022

Mick Foley

Net Worth: $14 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 7, 1965 (57 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession: Writer, Novelist, Wrestler, Comedian, Actor, Voice Actor, Author
Nationality: United States of America

Mick Foley Net Worth 2022:

$14 Million

Mick Foley Net Worth 2022: 

Mick Foley is a $14 million net worth American former professional wrestler, actor, author, and comedian. Foley’s big break came when he joined World Championship Wrestling in 1991. From 1994 to 1996, Foley wrestled for ECW, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and in Japan. He joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1996.

He was known as Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love in the WWF/WWE. His aggressive wrestling style has earned him the moniker “The Hardcore Legend.” He won three WWF Championships and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship during his career. He also won 11 tag team championships.

He competed in the main event of Wrestlemania XV, but was defeated in a four-way elimination match. Foley has gone on to become an accomplished author, writing memoirs, fiction, and children’s fiction since retiring.

Early Life | Mick Foley Net Worth 2022:

Michael Francis Foley was born on June 7, 1965 in Bloomington, Indiana. His ancestors are of Irish descent. He grew up with his older brother in East Setauket, New York. He attended Ward Melville High School and participated in wrestling and lacrosse.

Kevin James, an actor who was also on the wrestling team, was one of his classmates. At the State University of New York College at Cortland, he majored in communications. While a student there, he hitchhiked to New York City to see his favorite wrestler, Jimmy Snuka, compete against Don Muraco.

Snuka performed a flying body splash off the top of the steel cage during the steel cage match, and Foley has stated that seeing this move inspired him to pursue a career as a professional wrestler.

Early Career | Mick Foley Net Worth 2022: 

Foley began formally training at Dominic DeNucci’s wrestling facility in Freedom, Pennsylvania, soon after attending the match. He would drive several hours from his college campus to train, and he made his debut in June 1986 in Clarksburg, West Virginia, against Kurt Kaufman.

Most sources list his debut year as 1983, but Foley has stated that this is incorrect and due to him lying early in his career to appear to have more experience. Cactus Jack Foley was his alias. While training with DeNucci, he and other students worked as jobbers in a number of squash matches.

Squash matches are deliberately set up between two wrestlers of unequal talent, with jobbers frequently losing badly. These matches were taped for the WWF and aired on “Prime Time Wrestling” and “Superstars of Wrestling.” In one episode of the latter, he faced the Dynamite Kid and was hit in the face so hard that he couldn’t eat solid food for weeks.

He wrestled on the independent circuit until the late 1980s, when he briefly joined the Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis. He then relocated to Texas and became a member of the World Class Championship Wrestling. During his time there, he won several titles, including the company’s light heavyweight title.

He was offered a contract with World Champion Wrestling after a long period of struggling to make his wrestling career financially profitable, but he quickly left to sign with Herb Abram’s Universal Wrestling Federation. He was still dissatisfied with UWF and signed with Tri-State Wrestling in 1991.

The company was later renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling. He discovered that he thrived in Tri-higher State’s energy and violent style. Foley competed in three intense matches on one night known as the Tri-State Summer Sizzler, which caught the attention of World Championship Wrestling promoters. He soon became a full-time employee of WCW.

Established Wrestling Career: 

Foley’s wrestling persona was developed and refined at WCW. He wrestled as Cactus Jack and debuted as a heel or villain against Sting, who is widely regarded as one of the best professional wrestlers.

In his matches, he would frequently laugh hysterically at his opponents and had a signature move in which he would shriek while jumping at and choking his opponents while yelling his catchphrase “Bang-Bang.” He became a fan favorite and moved away from playing the villain in 1993, when he began a feud with the notoriously ferocious Darth Vader.

Promoters wanted to include an injury storyline in one of their matches. They removed the ring’s protective mats, and Vader powerbombed Foley on the concrete. As a result, he suffered a concussion and temporarily lost sensation in his left leg.

According to the story, Cactus Jack went insane, was institutionalized, and then developed amnesia. In a 1994 match against Vader, Vader split Foley’s ears and then ripped off his right one. After the referee picked up the ear, the fight continued.

Because Foley was scheduled to fight in a pay-per-view match soon after, he had to choose between having his ear reattached and fighting in the match, and he chose to fight. Later that year, he left WCW to work for Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling, but as part of his gimmick, he had a tense relationship with the fans.

In 1996, Foley signed a contract with the World Wrestling Federation, who wanted him to rebrand and adopt a new persona. They wanted him to wear a leather mask, carry chains, and be known as Mason the Mutilator at first. Because this proved too dark, they settled on the name Mankind and removed the chains.

Mankind’s signatures included squealing, shrieking “Mommy,” pulling out his hair, conversing with a rat named George, and saying “Have a Nice Day.” During his time with the WWF, Foley had a lot of success, and in 1998, he won his first WWF championship title in a match against The Rock as Mankind.

In the year 2000, Foley retired from active competition and began working as a storyline WWF Commissioner. His retirement was not permanent, and he returned to WWE in 2004 under the guise of Cactus Jack. Throughout the 2000s, he continued to wrestle, referee, and serve in other capacities.

Writing and Acting Career | Mick Foley Net Worth 2022: 

Foley has five memoirs and is a “New York Times” bestselling author. He’s also the author of four children’s books and two fiction novels. He appeared in both the 1999 wrestling documentary “Beyond the Mat” and the 2009 wrestling documentary “Bloodstained Memoirs.”

He has appeared on “Family Feud,” “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” as well as the reality show “Celebrity Wife Swap.” He provided voices for characters in the television shows “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Squidbillies.” He married Collette in 1992, and the couple has four children.

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