Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Net Worth 2022, Age, Career and Children

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Net Worth 2022, Age, Career and Children

Kudirat Soremi, also known as Mama No Network, is a Nollywood comic actress best known for playing a partially deaf character.Mama No Network, as she is fondly referred to, was born on April 25 in Olisa, Ijebue Ode, Ogun State.

Full Name Kazeem Kudirat Soremi Atinuke
Stage Name Mama No Network
Nationality Nigeria
Date of Birth April 25
Place of Birth Olisa, Ijebu Ode, Ogun
State of Orgin Ogun State
Marital Status Separated
Occupation Actress, Producer
Net Worth $75,000

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Net Worth 2022 | Biography

Kudirat Soremi, also known as Mama No Network, is a Nigerian producer and comic actress. She was born on April 25 in Olisa, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Early Life

Soremi Kudirat Mama No Net Worth is from the village of Olisa in Ijebe Ode. She spent her childhood in Olisa before moving to Lagos.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Career

Kudirat Soremi started acting about 20 years ago. At the time, she was a member of the ‘Kaliwa Theatre Group,’ which was directed by Mr Gbadegeshin and was based in the Somolu district of Lagos state.

The actress stated that she became interested in acting after seeing the film ‘Orisabunmi,’ which starred Nigerian veteran actress Folake Aremu.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) rose to prominence after playing a partially deaf character in the film ‘Lagos to Benin.’ The film was produced by Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin), who launched Mama No Network into the spotlight.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Education

She attended Moslem Primary School in Ijebu Ode for her primary education before moving on to Epe Girls High School for her secondary education.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Husband

Mama No Network was the wife of ‘Lanko Omo Oba Dubai,’ a popular Nigerian comic actor. They married a few years ago but are now divorced.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Children

Remi Soremi is Kudirat Soremi’s only child (Mama No Network). Remi is also married, and she has a child from her marriage.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Daughter

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) has a daughter named Remi Soremi. Remi is a married woman with a son as well.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Instagram

Mama No Network is on Instagram, where she connects and interacts with her throngs of followers. As of January 2022, she had 131k followers on Instagram under the handle @mama nonetwork.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Net Worth 2022

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Net Worth 2022 is $75,000 dollars.

Kudirat Soremi (Mama No Network) Net Worth 2022, Age, Career and Children

Why I remarried’ -Lanko Omo Oba Dubai

Lanko (Adeola Shoremi) is a popular Yoruba actor whose marriage to Madam No Network, another actress, ended months ago. In this exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he discussed why he remarried and the reasons for his failed marriage.Congratulations on your wedding. How do you feel now that you’ve remarried?

Thank you kindly. It feels fantastic. It’s difficult to find a wife who wants the best for you these days. In fact, it’s wonderful to be in love again. I’ve been in love before, but nothing like this has ever happened to me. So I can confidently state that I am married to the love of my life.

How did yours and your lucky lady’s paths cross?

Wonderful. We met at an airport in the United States during one of my shows there.

How did you propose to her?

We exchanged phone numbers as soon as we met at the airport. At the time, we were on the phone. I knew I’d made the right decision when we were constantly talking. So we formalized it, and last week I proposed to her and married her.

What really attracted you to her?

She embodies everything a man could desire in a woman. She possesses the qualities that other women aspire to have. She is a godly woman, hardworking, attractive, and her carriage is enticing. She carries herself with grace.

You were once married to Iya No Network, is your marriage with her still intact?

Yes, my marriage to Iya No Network is still going strong.

What was her reaction when you told her you were taking a second wife?

What will you do if your husband takes a woman as a second wife? You will, without a doubt, be dissatisfied. She reacted negatively as a woman, but as the head of the house, I sat her down and explained my reasons for taking a new wife, and she agreed with me.

We heard that your former wife has moved on and ready to remarry?

I don’t like doing my dirty laundry outside. This is a personal question for me. As a result, I won’t say anything about it. You sit back and wait to see what happens next.

Is it true that your new wife was the reason for your split from Iya No Network?

I’ve already stated that Iya No Network is still my wife. She has kids for me. She’s a lovely lady and a wonderful mother to my children. Nothing like a breakup, and nobody was to blame.

We’re all at peace with each other.

It was claimed that you do not provide adequate care for your children?

This is hilarious. In any case, why would they tell such a big lie about my honesty in the first place? It is solely my responsibility to care for my children and my family as a whole. My children can attest to this at any time and from any location. If I may inquire, are my children complaining about being neglected? In fact, they were all with me throughout my wedding, and we had a great time together.

Tell us about your wife: what her name is, what she does, and where she comes from.

Folashade Shoremi is her name. She is from Ekiti (laugh), but she is now married to a man from Abeokuta. She owns a boutique and is also a traveler. She’s thoughtful, lovely, and respectful.

Career wise, what are you working on presently?

I recently completed production on the film Ebola, which was released on Monday, September 29, 2014. Ebola is a comedy film about the disease that explains and interprets it. I’m using this medium to inform my fans that the film will be available for purchase as soon as it is released..

What characters should we expect to see in the film?

Madam Saje, Ebun Oloyede, Wale Akorede, Ibrahim Chatta, Lizzy Anjorin, Iya Niwen, Okele, Adeola Shoremi (Lanko Omo Oba Dubai), and a slew of other celebrities are expected to attend.

You’re one of the talented actors making good comedies; where do you find your inspiration?

God Almighty has been my source of inspiration.

Can you recall the film that catapulted you to fame?

Agbokolere was the film that catapulted me to fame.

Who is Lanko Omo Oba Dubai?

Chief Adeola Shoremi is my real name. I’m from Abeokuta, Ogun State, and I’m the Amuludun of Mushin Land, the movie industry’s anointed comedian.

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