Procedure for duplicate Pan card 2022, you Lost your Pan Card?

Lost your Pan Card? Procedure for duplicate Pan card 2022?

Have you misplaced your Pan Card? PAN card, like Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Driving License, and so on, is one of the very important documents that you frequently require. In any type of financial transaction, a PAN card is required after a limit. It is not possible to obtain a bank loan, transfer a large sum to someone, conduct commercial transactions, or perform any income tax-related work without a PAN card. So, let’s take a look at how to download a pan card in pdf format.

Procedure for obtaining a duplicate Pan Card, Have you misplaced your Pan Card? Don’t worry, you can apply for a duplicate card online again. The steps to obtaining a duplicate Pan Card. Form 49A must be used to apply for a new PAN. Find out how to get a PAN Card, how to recover a PAN, and how to duplicate a PAN CARD.

Today, a PAN card is required for all financial transactions. Personal Identity Card is also known as a Permanent Account Number Card. Consider what you can do if your PAN card is lost. We offer a four-step process for getting a new duplicate PAN card. It is very simple to obtain a new duplicate PAN card.

First, file a complaint with the police station.

The PAN card is a vital document. If it is lost or stolen along with the purse in this situation, you must first file a complaint with the police station. Many states also allow you to file complaints online. God does not eat this; however, if your PAN is misused, you will be saved from falling into a ruff. After that, you can apply for a duplicate copy of your PAN card.

E-PAN Card Download

Many types of work can be halted if your PAN card is lost or stolen. So you don’t have to be concerned. You can obtain an e-PAN card, which is a digital copy of your PAN card, while sitting at home. Last month, the Income Tax Department launched a new website. You can download your e-PAN card (e-PAN) in minutes while sitting at home using this method.

  • To begin, access the NSDL website (Click here)
  • Click the ‘Download E-PAN Card’ button here. If this option is not visible, it will become visible once you click Show More.
  • When the new page appears, select the ‘New E PAN’ option.
  • In this field, enter your PAN number. If you cannot recall your PAN number, you can use your Aadhar number instead.
  • YAn OTP will now be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter it and hit the ‘Confirm’ button.
  • Following confirmation, your PAN card will be delivered to your email address in PDF format. The ‘e-Pan’ can be downloaded.

Procedure for duplicate Pan card 2022, you Lost your Pan Card?

Have you misplaced your Pan Card? Duplicate Pan card procedure

Step 1

  • Navigate to the income tax pan services unit’s websites:
  • Filling out the form below will allow you to obtain a duplicate PAN card for your communication or permanent address. You will have to pay Rs 110 as a fee for a PAN card within the country, which is Rs 93 + 18% GST. At the same time, if you live somewhere else and want it shipped to you, you will have to pay Rs 1011, which includes the GST dispatch charge and other fees.
  • You can now select the Re-Print Pan Card option. (This option is only available to those who already have a PAN number.) This is the Help For Application for PAN Change Request option.

Step 2: – Online Application Procedures

1 The applicant will fill out and submit the PAN Change Request Form online.
2 If any of the format level validations fail, a response indicating the error(s) will be displayed on the screen.
3 The applicant must correct any errors and resubmit the form.
4 If there are no format level errors, a confirmation screen with the applicant’s data will be displayed.
5 If the applicant needs to make changes to this data, it can select the edit option; otherwise, it must select the confirm option.
6 Fill out all mandatory fields (marked with a *) of the Form and select the corresponding box on the left margin of the appropriate field where correction is required for Changes or Corrections in PAN data.
7 If the application is for re-issuance of a PAN card with no changes in the applicant’s PAN related data, fill out all fields in the Form but do not check any boxes on the left margin.
8 In the event of a request for Change or Correction in PAN data or a request for re-issuance of a PAN Card without any changes in PAN data, the address for communication in the ITD database will be updated using the address for communication provided in the application..
9 To cancel a PAN, fill out all mandatory fields in the Form, enter the PAN to be cancelled in Item No.11 of the Form, and check the box on the left margin. The PAN to be cancelled should not be the same as the PAN (currently in use) listed at the top of the Form.

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