40 Quotes by LeBron James

 40 Quotes by LeBron James | 40 Quotes by  LeBron James Quotes

  1. “I believe the team comes first. It enables me to succeed, and it enables my team to succeed.” LeBron James
  2. “In order to be trustworthy?” To achieve success? How dedicated are you to being a good father, teammate, and role model? Every morning, you look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Are you committed, or are you not?” – L.A. Lakers’ LeBron James
  3. “I hear my friends and my mother tell me I’m unique, but I still don’t get it.” LeBron James
  4. “When you become a professional athlete or achieve success, you automatically become a role model… I don’t mind being a role model; in fact, I enjoy it. I have children who look up to me, and I hope to inspire them to be good people.” LeBron James
  5. “I constantly hear that word pressure. There’s a lot of pressure on me, but I don’t put much pressure on myself. I believe that if I play my game correctly, everything will fall into place.” LeBron James
  6. “If you put everything together in terms of my mind, body, and game. If you combine everything, this is probably the best I’ve been.” LeBron James
  7. “I have short goals, like getting better every day and helping my teammates every day, but my only long-term goal is to win an NBA championship.” It’s the only thing that matters. I have nightmares about it. I fantasize about how it would look and feel all the time. It would be incredible.” LeBron James
  8. “I don’t require much. Glamour and other such things do not excite me. “I’m just glad I have basketball in my life.” LeBron James
  9. “As Warren Buffett once said, ‘Always follow your gut.'” When you have a gut feeling, you must follow it without second-guessing yourself.” LeBron James
  10. “Don’t be afraid of failure. This is how you achieve success..” LeBron James
  11. “I’m aware that I won’t hit every shot. Sometimes I try to make the correct decision, and if it results in a loss, I feel terrible. I’m not upset because I have to answer questions about it. In that locker room, I feel terrible because I could have done more to help my teammates win.” LeBron James
  12. “I’m going to use all of my tools, all of my God-given abilities, to create the best life I possibly can.” LeBron James
  13. “I make big plays. “I’m capable of making game-changing plays.” LeBron James
  14. “Being the only man in my mother’s household definitely helped me grow up quickly.” Lakers’ LeBron James
  15. “When you work out or do anything active, it’s more fun to do it in a group. You might lose track of time and find yourself working out for two hours because you’re having so much fun.” LeBron James
  16. “I enjoy displaying my talents not only to my hometown fans and my own team, but to the entire world.” LeBron James
  17. “I laugh and joke, but I’m not easily distracted.” LeBron James
  18. “You know, when I play poorly, it humbles me and reminds me that you still have work to do and a lot of people to impress.” LeBron James
  19. “As a professional athlete, you will be judged harshly – all I can do is try to move forward and achieve my objectives.” LeBron James
  20. “I require music.” It’s almost like my heartbeat. It keeps me going no matter what – bad games, bad press, whatever!” LeBron James

40 Quotes by LeBron James

  1. “I always say that I live with the consequences of my decisions.” There are always ways to improve or correct them.” LeBron James
  2. “It’s a lot more comfortable when you have that respect from your teammates.” LeBron James
  3. “I just bring a determination to win to all positions.” LeBron James
  4. “Once you’re on the field, it doesn’t matter whether you’re liked or disliked. All that matters is that you play well and do whatever you can to help your team win. That’s all there is to it.” LeBron James
  5. “I don’t know how tall I am or how much I weigh.” Because I don’t want anyone to know who I am. I feel like a superhero. “You can call me Basketball Man.” LeBron James
  6. “I believe it spreads to the other players when one of the best players on the court is selfless.” LeBron James
  7. “My mother and I have always supported each other. We went through some difficult times, but she was always there for me.” LeBron James
  8. “Sports, on the other hand, kept me from joining a gang or getting involved with drugs.” Sports were my way out.” LeBron James
  9. “I love basketball, it’s my passion.” My family and friends, on the other hand, mean everything to me. That’s what matters. ” LeBron James
  10. “I have motivation.” “A lot of drive.” LeBron James
  11. “If a fantastic opportunity arises, I would love to be a part of it…or star in a film.” LeBron James
  12. “My game is played above time.” “I don’t say that as if I’m ahead of my time.” LeBron James
  13. “I’m saying, like, if I’m on the court and I throw a pass, the ball that I’ve thrown will lead my teammate right where he needs to go, before he even realizes that’s where he needs to go.” LeBron James
  14. “I enjoy watching track and field… I enjoy seeing what they’re capable of.” LeBron James
  15. “I am confident in my abilities.” LeBron James
  16. “Every night on the court, I give it my all, and if I’m not giving it my all, I criticize myself.” LeBron James
  17. “Warren Buffet once told me, ‘Always follow your gut.” When you have that gut feeling, you have to go with don’t go back on it.” LeBron James
  18. “I hear that word pressure all the time.”
  19. “You can’t be afraid to fail.” LeBron James
  20. “Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today!.” LeBron James

40 Quotes by LeBron James! 40 Quotes by LeBron James!! 40 Quotes by LeBron James!!!


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