Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022: Cars, Biography And Houses

Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022: Cars, Biography And Houses

Name Habeeb Okikiola
Date of birth 12th of March 1994
Nationality Nigeria
Occupantion Rapper, musician
Net worth $20,000 – $70,000

Portable Zazuu Biography | Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022

Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable Zazu and Portable Omolalomi, is a popular Yoruba rapper on the rise. From December 2021 to the present, he has been trending in the Nigerian music space. He is known by several street slangs, including Shaku Shaku, aka Street Problem, aka Wahala Musician.

Portable Zazu was raised among the Yoruba ethnic group after being born to Mr. and Mrs. Okikiola. He is from Nigeria’s Ogun state and was raised in a Muslim household. Portable Zazu was raised by his parents along with his siblings. On March 12th, 1994, he was born..

Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022 and Lifestyle

When singer Habeeb Okikiola, better known as portable, first entered the music industry, the success he is now enjoying seemed unfathomable. However, his popularity is skyrocketing as a result of his recent hit single “Zazu Zeh,” which features Nigerian superstar Olamide Adedeji. He’s also shared the stage with some of the biggest names in country music.

Portable recently shared the stage with top Nigerian musicians Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, and Small Doctor at a concert. During his recording career, he has amassed over 200,000 Instagram followers.

Meanwhile, in December 2021, he clashed with Poco Lee, accusing the latter of stealing $2400 from the $3000 that Wizkid allegedly’sprayed’ him during their performance at the Livespot concert in Lagos. Poco Lee was also attempting to claim the rights to Zazoo Zehh, according to Portable. Portable said in pidgin English in a viral video, “Poco Lee, you didn’t show love towards me.” You only wanted to rip (sic) me because you claimed my song as your own. “Does Zazoo belong to you?”

However, the show’s promoter, Kogbagidi, chastised Lee for his ungrateful demeanor. Many people supported Kogbagidi, accusing Lee of taking advantage of the young artist. “I’m shocked and embarrassed by this turn of events,” Kogbagidi said in a video addressing the issue. What I’m hearing from such a young man astounds me.”Do you need me to help you with both your career and your head?”

Despite the fact that Poco Lee did not respond to Portable’s claims, several celebrities, including rapper Olamide and actor Ijebu, filed a peace suit. The singer also released an apology video for his previous video in which he called out Poco Lee.

Portable is also known by his comic character, and many believe that the Zazoo Zehh star should be in the comedy industry as well. Portable’s comic character is beloved by many super stars, including Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa, Olamide, and others.

In December 2021, photos of Portable flying around social media showing how he looks healthy and handsome in comparison to his current looks, many believe that Portable is into drugs and that is why he looks shrink or skinny in comparison to when he became a celebrity. Many of his fans are pleading with his promoters to change his appearance and allow him to dress nicely so that he can stay in the music industry for a long time.

  • The definition of zazooSurprisingly, while many people are familiar with the Zazuu Zeh lyrics, they are unfamiliar with the Zazu meaning. It is actually derived from a female Hebrew name that is a variant of the Hebrew name Zaza. Zazu is also identified as a form of the Zaza movement, which is already gaining traction in light of the song’s reception in the country and other African countries.
  • Portable Omolalomi SongsPortable, despite being considered an upcoming artist, is said to have been in the music industry for nearly a decade. His most well-known song is Zazuu Zeh. Other popular songs by him include My Way, Neighbour (featuring Small Doctor), Gyration, Ogo Forever, Mara Dance, and All Eyes On Me (ft. Barry Jhay).
  • Portable Omolalomi controversy
    The upcoming artist had a falling out with Poco Lee, the same dancer who allegedly propelled him to fame. Poco Lee was spotted with the singer at a show and the singer called him out on social media. Portable claimed Poco Lee stole his song and stole the money Wizkid gave him. He claimed Poco Lee only gave him $600 of the $3000 he was sprayed with on stage. The fight escalated when Portable was thrown out of the hotel room of Kogbagidi, a well-known show promoter. The scandal elicited conflicting reactions from social media users. Some thought the upcoming artist was duped, while others thought it was inappropriate for him to call out his helper on social media. It took the intervention of celebrities such as Olamide and others to mediate the conflict and beg Kogbagidi on his behalf. Portable also apologized to Kogbagidi and Poco Lee on social media.

Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022

Nigerian singer portable is estimated to be worth $20,000 – $70,000

Portable Zazuu Career

Growing up in a Yoruba household, Portable Zazu became fluent in the language, which is reflected in the songs he sings. He became interested in listening to rap songs by top rappers from around the world while in school. He frequently listened to rap music by American artists among them are Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., and Snoop Dogg. This is where his love of music began. He frequently wrote his own rap songs.

Portable Zazu became interested in Yoruba rap music after hearing songs by Nigeria’s top rappers such as Lord Of Ajasa, Dagrin, Danny Young, Olamide, QDot, CDQ, and others.

Portable Zazu relocated from his hometown to Lagos to further his musical career. He attempted to produce several songs, but they were not well received. Poco Lee introduced him to top Nigerian rapper Olamide, which led to his big break in music. He worked a 9-5 job while attempting to make it big in the Nigerian music industry. However, he never lost his desire to make a name for himself in Yoruba rap music.

Last year, he released a hit single titled Zazu zeh, on which he collaborated with Olamide and Poco Lee. The name ‘Zazu’ is derived from a female Hebrew name that means ‘Movement.’

Portable Omolalomi latest news

Portable has always been in some kind of trouble since he became famous. He was just getting settled with Poco Lee and Kogbagidi when he got into new trouble. Portable was recently called out by a Kenyan radio host who accused the Raving artist of disrespecting Kenyan women. This accusation surfaced after he posted a hook-up video. The Zazuu crooner later apologized publicly to Kenya and the people involved in the controversial video. He also deleted the video and expressed gratitude to Kenyans for hosting him before departing for Nigeria. During his time in Kenya, he was constantly posting videos of Kenyan ladies hanging out with him on social media.

The video that got him in trouble was when he jeered at a woman and told her he wasn’t available for a hookup.

Conclusion | Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022

Portable, a Nigerian rising star, debuted on the entertainment scene at the end of 2021. The song “Zazu Zeh” by Portable has now become a well-known street music anthem. Hopefully, he will release another banger to solidify his place as a Nigerian artist who is here to stay. That’s all we know for the time being about Zazoo crooner Portable’s biography, net worth, cars, houses, and music career.

Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022! Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022!! Portable Zazu Zeh Net Worth 2022!!!

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